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Amazons are a matriarchal people physically similar to humans, but considered their own race. The Amazons rule over an area to the west of the Empire of Man.


[edit] Capital

The capital of the Amazons is the aptly named Citadel.

[edit] Society

The Amazons are a female dominated society where the women hold all the power, and males are kept as slaves. Women of other races aren't necessarily held in the same regard either, as it is known elven females are kept in bondage as well.

There are many rules expected of slaves: stand five paces away from their mistresses, do not look their owners in the eyes, and only speak when spoken too. However, many owners gave great freedoms to slaves they've grown to trust, and will allow them to speak in their voice as well.

Males born to Amazons are never considered "Amazons"; instead, they are enslaved, and expected to serve the ruling female class.

Many slaves do receive martial training, and if they are highly regarded, may even gain respect. This may cause tension with other slaves who may view this individual as a traitor, while regular Amazons may view them as upstarts.

Amazon women tend to have a preference of their own sex when it comes to relationships. While they see the need of males for procreation, Amazon women tend to prefer female pairings. There is no disgrace if they gain sexual pleasure from slaves (whether male or female), it is frowned upon if they form more permanent relationships with the lower class.

Among their own number, Amazons are remarkably egalitarian. It is currently unknown if they have a noble class as other peoples have, but it has been shown the corresponding military ranks can hold the same regard.

Amazons have a preference for furs and pelts, viewing gold and silver as 'weak metals'. They have no use for metals which make poor weapons, while furs and pelts at least keep them clothed.

[edit] Government

Amazons are a matriarchy, ruled by a reigning Queen. Queenship is passed down by bloodline, but it is possible for others to gain the throne by defeating the previous queen in Trial by Combat. This is not taken lightly, for a queen may only be challenged if she proves ineffectual or weak.

Unless detailed otherwise, rank in Amazon society goes from Queen, Princess, and then Captain of the Guard. When Loren left on her adventures, it fell to Breza to nominally lead the Amazons until the return of Loren, or a new queen was declared.

Amazon princesses aren't allowed to leave the Citadel. This serves a practical reason; if the Queen dies, then the heir may immediately step into her shoes.

[edit] Foreign Relations

Amazons are a very insular people. They keep to their lands, and prefer to stay neutral in the affairs of others. If one is caught trespassing on territory they claim as their own, the person may be killed or enslaved then and there. This attitude also ensures if an Amazon leaves their borders, they can expect no aid from their people.

Many within the Empire of Man dislike the Amazons has man-hating, castrating, slavers.

[edit] Military

Amazon society is very militaristic, holding its officers in its highest regard. Additionally, each Amazon is expected to have undergone some kind of martial training, up to and including its Queen. (Especially the Queen!) Those who are strong and capable lead, while the weak and ineffectual are removed.

The Amazons have also domesticated griffons, which give them an edge in combat. They can also be used for fast transport of troops well beyond their border - a capability which is almost never used as Amazons try to stay out of the lands and affairs of other people.

When addressing a superior, a lower rank will salute the higher rank by putting their hand over their heart.

[edit] Religion

The Amazons don't worship any one specific deity. What religious feelings they have, they express by revering their foremothers, the Great-Mothers. Some may consider the veneration of the Great-Mothers as a form of ancestor worship.

[edit] Agriculture

The Amazons are great cultivators of grapes. They are among the best producers of wine in whole Aravorn.

[edit] Industry

Amazons aren't known for their industry, but their weapons are known to be of the highest quality. Their bows are second to none; only the Elves possibly surpassing them.

[edit] Magical Inclinations

As a people, the Amazons are rather indifferent to magic There are no grand institutions, and prefer to focus on martial valor. Since their religion is more or less founded around real people (famous Amazons), who did not perform magic, only great strength in battle.

They certainly see its benefits, but see it in more practical terms. As such, they don't necessarily see black magic as necessarily being evil unlike their elven and human neighbors.

Some Amazons see magic as a gift from the Great-Mothers.

[edit] Beliefs/Rituals

For an Amazon, strength is the highest virtue.

To an Amazon, weakness is not just physical; a failing of mind or spirit can be reason enough to take one's life.

A strong Amazon can only die of two ways: by someone's blade, or their own.

Ritual suicide is not a weakness. It is not escaping life, but conquering pain and death.

[edit] Customs

It is Amazon custom that if an individual grows weak, they must take their life by their own hand. If any other interferes, then that individual may be slain as well.

[edit] Selective Breeding

Amazon commoners tend to choose the tall, strong men from the servants as they want the tallest, strongest daughters, but many are known to choose on attractiveness. Often, these men are smaller and much more submissive.

[edit] The Harem

The Queen does not directly choose her daughters' fathers. She's not allowed to go anywhere near the slave pen and encouraged never to think of them. (To compensate her lack of choice: Queen's harem.) Several men are selected and reserved for the Queen and, in a time of peace, they are presented to her. They do not have any other purpose in the Citadel other than to prepare themselves for her. Multiple men are selected in case one or more are infertile (and if they are discovered to be ... they are no longer needed). These men are retired at a certain age and tasked with grooming their younger replacements.

[edit] Traditions

  • The Proving

Among the most hallowed traditions is the Proving. The Proving is an annual martial competition focusing three primary areas: melee combat, archery, and magical trials. Great honor is given to one who excels in their competition.

  • Winter Solstice

Another important time for the Amazons is the Winter Solstice. It is customary at this time for one to give a gift of quality to another you highly respect.

[edit] Trivia

When resting, Amazonian royalty sits cross-legged, back straight, and arms resting on each knee.

[edit] Prominent Amazons

Loren the Amazon Princess

Karen, Queen of the Amazons

Breza, Captain of the Guard

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