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Name: Amukiki the Bear

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Race: Nomad

Occupations/Titles: Champion Gladiator/Nomad Outcast

Class: Warrior/Gladiator

Relationships: None

Romanceable by: Elenor/Saren

[edit] Personality

Amukiki initially believes males to be the strongest gender, but his exposure to the Amazons indicates females are just as capable as males.

From his time in the Empire, Amukiki bears an initial dislike of Elves, but it isn't as ingrained owing to his Nomad heritage.

He has a strict and serious outlook on life, placing duty before personal interests.

Though he was encouraged to change his name after becoming a gladiator, to something that conformed more with the Empire, he refused.

[edit] History

Amukiki lived amongst his fellow Nomads, until a dispute arose because he didn't accept the woman who was chosen as a partner for him. This forced him to leave his tribe, and seek a new life in the Empire. His natural aptitude for battle led him to the gladiatorial arena, where he successfully climbed the ranks. Initially he only fought for his livelihood, but after being approached by Apolimesho, who considered him a candidate to wield one of the ancient holy swords, Amukiki took the idea to heart. He renewed his training efforts, determined to be worthy of such a weapon.

Amukiki is currently the strongest gladiator within the Empire, and viewed himself as the greatest warrior until he met Loren and her companions. Although it pained him to be rejected by the Ember Blade/Hawk Blade in favour of Loren, he instead chose to do the second-best thing, and vowed to protect her instead.

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