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Name: Apolimesho

Hair: White

Eyes: Brown

Race: Human

Occupations/Titles: Archwizard/Leader of the Grimoire Wizard Council

Class: Mage/Archwizard

Relationships: Gwendylin (daughter, deceased), Ashtran (friend), Tobaar (friend)

Romanceable by: None

[edit] Personality

As a citizen of the Empire of Man, Apolimesho bears their hatred for Elves. Even Draco, who had a human father and was raised in the Empire, is treated with open suspicion. In contrast, when he discovers that Saren was fathered by an Empire soldier, Apolimesho immediately starts encouraging him to leave the Amazons and apply for citizenship.

He holds contempt for the Council which rules the Empire of Man, seeing it as greedy politicians with little interest to serve the good of the nation.

Though he hasn't much patience for conversation in camp, he is willing to explain much about the Empire and historical events, if only for the sake of making the main character better educated.

He believes that those who practice Dark Magic should be punished, even killed. The Gods fought and defeated the Death Knights, and those who use their magic are traitors to the Gods themselves.

Apolimesho is prone to grandstanding. When question why he hated Elenor, the Archwizard said if he truly hated her, she would be dead; his enemies don't stand for long.

He is called Polimo by his friend Ashtran.

He is particularly skilled at Alchemy.

[edit] History

During the original war against Fost, 40 years ago, Apolimesho fought alongside Ashtran, Tobaar and many others. After their victory came at the price of his daughter's life, he became obsessed with studying the Under-Realm, Death Knights, and all related topics. If a similar evil ever rose again, he was determined to be better prepared for it. This, in turn, led to seeking out holy weapons such as the Ember Blade, and also suitable champions to wield them, which is how he came to be allied with Amukiki.

At the start of Loren the Amazon Princess, Apolimesho is an Archwizard on the Empire's Council. However, after he is persuaded to make an alliance with Myrth and the elves of GrandTree, he is stripped of his title.

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