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Archwizards are among the most powerful magic-users in Aravorn by the simple fact they have spent decades of their life practicing magic. Archwizards are the masters of many fields of knowledge, many of them esoteric in nature such as Divination. They wield similar magic to Elementalists, but with the added benefit they may regenerate their allies' health.

Some of the abilities they can specialize include the following:

  • Inferno (Encompasses the foe with a fire attack, and may cause the Burned condition.)
  • Metetor Swarm (Inflicts the foe with an earth attack, and may cause the Shattered condition.)
  • Flood (Hits the foe with a water attack, and may cause the Frozen condition.)
  • Paralyze (Attacks the foe, causing Normal damage, and may cause the Paralyze condition.)
  • Regenerate (A spell that allows allies to regenerate damage for a set amount of time.)

[edit] Prominent Archwizards


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