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Arianna Spiros née Mires

Name: Arianna Spiros née Mires

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Classes: Queen of Thieves

Relationships: Kira (Daughter), Thalia (Daughter), Joanne (Daughter), Lysander (Husband)

Race Human


Daughter of a very successful merchant, Arianna was popular with both nobles and commoners alike. She was often seen in the company of all kinds and no one thought badly of her for it. Most famously, she was fought over by a young Raul Capello and Lysander Spiros. In the end, Lysander prevailed and Raul never forgave him for it. Arianna herself felt great affection for both of them, and likely loved both of them too, but there was something dangerous about Raul that made her decide it was better to spend her life with the poorer Lysander than live a life of luxury with the Capello family.

Arianna is a very strong willed woman with a big heart who finds it difficult to say no to people. It was perhaps why she took so long over her decision on who to marry which led to the grudge that developed between Raul and Lysander. Despite that, she still believes in doing what is right even if that means hurting those she cares for. A quality that came to the fore when Raul took over as the new Lord after his father died. He was a tyrannical ruler and Arianna found she could not turn a blind eye to the suffering as others. She took up the name of the Queen of Thieves and set about doing her best to righting the wrongs inflicted by the man she loved.

Being the Queen of Thieves came easy to her, she had been blessed with great strength, agility, intelligence as well as the gift of magic. Some wondered if she was actually the daughter of normal humans thanks to her amazing abilities. Whatever the case, she never sought to use her blessings for herself and always in the service of others. In the end, however, it was not enough and she vanished twenty years ago never to be seen again, her works left unfinished and the people still suffering under the rule of Lord Raul Capello.

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