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Assassins are a roguish class who focus all their efforts on killing a single target quickly.

Assassins have a number of abilities to accomplish their tasks, preferably from a distance with a crossbow, but they are more than capable of finishing the job in close quarters.

Some of the areas Assassins can specialize in include:

  • Bleeding Strike (When an Assassin uses this ability, there is a chance the target will have his health greatly lowered for the rest of the fight)
  • Deadly Strikes (Hits a Burning, Frozen, or Tired foe for a great amount of damage).
  • Cold Blood (Increases the Assassin's resistance to the Paralyzed, Weakened, and Scared conditions)
  • Fatality (Hits the target with a critical hit, and has a chance of instantly killing the foe)
  • Headshot (Hits the target for greater damage, and a chance of Confusion)

[edit] Prominent Assassins


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