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Bhax or "The Spider Queen": The cult of Bhax started when the first witches, hunted down by the authorities of the Human Empire, took refuge in the Unforgiving Swamps. Transforming into animals, shapeshifting, it's one of the peculiarities of witchcraft, alongside teleporting to small distances.

One witch in particular, who called herself Bhax, was obsessed with spiders. It is said that one day, she was chased by four temible Witch Hunters, including Raven himself. She was losing terrain, and the witch hunters were employing war dogs to find her. Desperate, she found refuge in a giant spiders nest. No man would ever dare to enter a giant spiders nest alone.

She not only lost her chasers, but for some reason, the spiders inside won't kill her. She slept inside the nest for seven days and seven nights, unharmed. After that experience, she began research ways to transform herself into a half human, half spider being.

This is how the legend of Bhax, The Spider Queen, started. Some say that she has the upper part of a woman, and the lower body of a giant spider. What appears a monstruous creature, in reality possess an incredible charm. Tales say that she doesn't even need to start most of the fights, since she can enthrall her foes either with her charm magic, or with her thick cobwebs.

Witches living in the Unforgiving Swamps often worship Bhax, and named several spells after her.

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