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Name: Chambara

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Race: Human

Occupations/Titles: The Dark Witch

Class: Mage/Necromancer

Relationships: None

Romanceable by: Elenor/Saren


Flirting, Dark Magic


Chambara often shows a sarcastic side, especially for those she newly meets.

Chambara has a subtle sense of humor, deep enough that others may not detect it.

Chambara can be quite manipulative. She can be helpful, but usually hides by requiring a favor from those she aids.

Chambara is quite aloof, especially when she first joins the party. However, it is possible to break through disinterested side she puts on.

Chambara respects strength, freedom and independence, having little to do with those who willingly chain themselves to others. However, Chambara is also capable of showing others what freedom can bring, if they but have the strength to claim it.

Chambara has a sensual, seductive side. While she prefers to be the dominant partner, she has little use for those who aren't in command of their own wishes and desires. (The party at the end of Chapter 2, Chambara's refusal to dance when Elenor/Saren ask her to dance is a good example of this).

The swamp witch finds Dark Magic quite mundane. Even though it takes blood, bone, and sacrifice, it is pretty mechanical.

Chambara is also an excellent magical researcher, arguably a genius. She was able to teach herself Dark Magic from a stolen tome, for example.

Chambara is attracted to both male and female, though as a shapeshifter, gender may not matter as much.

She appears to have a fondness for the Giant Scorpion.

Chambara hates to be called Chammy.

Chambara is fond of Loren for the latter's propensity to decapitate things.


Chambara can assume many forms. Among these are a Giant Scorpion,a Giant Snake, and a small black cat.

Chambara has shown proficiency with Necromancy, Teleportation, and Telepathy

Chambara lives in the Unforgiving Swamp, using it to defend her from witch-hunters like Raven. Her own formidable powers, and the dangers of the swamp keep Chambara relatively safe, but it still doesn't deter the most determined witch-hunters.

Chambara was initially taught magic by the Wizards of the Empire of Man. After gaining a text on Dark Magics, she fled their custoy, and took up residence in the Unforgiving Swamp.

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