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The capital of the Amazons is simply called Citadel. As befitting its warrior mistresses, it doubles as a fortress. It has never fallen to a foreign power in battle, but this doesn't make it immune to other dangers.

Amazonian history states at one time their land was open, but the Citadel was built by the Great-Mothers as a response to repeated invasions from outsiders.

Lavender is commonplace in the Citadel, giving it color, and perfuming the very air with its scent.

[edit] Locations of Note

(These locations aren't indicated on the map, but are mentioned in various parts of conversation)

Royal Palace

The residence of the Amazonian queens. This is where all decisions of a national level are made. The Royal Guards also reside here, making it one of the highest positions a slave may aspire to.

Healing Quarters

A highly regarded profession, if for no other reason than a wounded warrior makes a poor warrior.

Training Grounds

One of the most visited places in the Citadel as every Amazon spars and trains as much as possible.


This is where the Amazons keep their weapons.

Royal Treasury

Where the Amazons store their wealth on a national scale.

Slave Pens

This is where the majority of Amazonian slaves are kept, corralled like cattle.

[edit] Training

If one is interested in weapons practice, they will find a willing opponent in Captain of the Guard, Breza. If you engage her, you can decide to fight her in a 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, or 4 vs 4. The opponents will be Breza and her goblin slaves.

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