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Desert Town

The Dark Elves Village is the home of the Dark Elves. A sizable town, it is located between the forested beauty of the elven lands and the harsh Orcish Wastes.

With all against them, the Dark Elves Village has managed to survive, if not exactly thrive for over a thousand years. They face the predations of Orcs and other dangers from the Orcish Wastes.


[edit] Government

The Dark Elves are led by a singular Elder. His word has the weight of law, but the current Elder (Tobaar) is reluctant to use this power.

[edit] History

The origin of the Dark Elves Village is in the distant past, the ancestors of the Dark Elves made deals with Demons. This corrupted their blood, causing death and destruction to the forest. As time passed, this taint subsided.

At second great war between humans and elves, the Dark Elves are granted amnesty if they ally with the Elves. The majority of Dark Elves approve this deal.

[edit] Foreign Relations

Dark Elves will view normal elves with dislike, at best, to outright hatred. Any Dark Elf found intruding into the bounds of the forest will be driven off, or slain.

Dark Elves will be wary of other races since usually the only reason someone comes to them is for their aid, and not out of friendship.

[edit] Society

The Dark Elf society is one based on scarcity. Hoarding resources is frowned upon.

[edit] Military

While much smaller in population than the Empire of Man or the Elves, on an individual basis there is a greater percentage of Dark Elves who bear a martial/magical inclination. As such, when later events occur in Loren the Amazon Princess, the Dark Elves are able to field their own army.

The Dark Elves include Healers, Warriors, Scouts, and Wizards among their ranks.

[edit] Magical Inclinations

Like the other races of Aravorn, the Dark Elves make use of magic, especially as it aids in their survival. However, given the actions of their ancestors, there is no tolerance of Dark Magic. Only the most arrogant, or desperate individual will pursue its use.

[edit] Tasks

These are common events and threats which trouble the Dark Elves Village.

  • Rescuing prisoners from Orcs (+5 Fame, may use 6 party members)
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