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The Guard Captain Daronas.
The Guard Captain Daronas

Daronas Blackhorn was a high guard of Grimoire. Because of his behavior in the Alchemy competition in 671, he was exiled in the far away town of Ninim.

In 671, Daronas is a very skilled high guard, responsible of the town security and very trusted by everyone. Unluckily for him, in that year there was an Alchemy competition held in Grimoire, promoted by Apolimesho to spread alchemy in Aravorn. Several people participated, amongst them there was Lydia Of Callahn, who promised him power to obtain access to precious recipes and ingredients from Grimoire Wizards Guild.

When Lydia was about to win the competition, Daronas realized what he had done and stepped forward and confessed. Because of his reputation, he was allowed to remain in the Human army but was exiled in the town of Ninim to amend for his conduct.

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