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Demonbloods is the term given to those individuals, of any race, who have demon blood flowing through their veins. They can either inherit this, or be changed by making a pact with a powerful Demon. The consequence of this is that the Demonblood gains a great amount of power, but it also means a dark entity inhabits their being, one which craves violence and blood.

Demonbloods may also transform into a more demonic form, gaining access to several Demon abilities, but at the risk of losing control. Such abilities may include the following:

  • Demon Gaze (The Demonblood damages a foe for a good bit of health, and has a chance of causing a random condition such as Confusion, Paralyzation, Weakening, Scared or Slowed.)
  • Claw Strike (The Demonblood may attack a whole row of opponents at once)
  • Demon Form (The Demonblood transforms into his demonic self. This increases his health/stamina point regeneration, increases his attack damage, but reduces his defense.)
  • Devour (The Demonblood attacks a foe, and regains some health as a result).
  • Immolation (Causes an already Burning target to take a large amount of damage, but at a cost to the Demonblood himself)

[edit] Prominent Demonbloods


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