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Dingirra is one of the biggest trading town of the whole continent of Zoltar and arguably one of the biggest of whole Aravorn.

Dingirra makes use of slaves, both for trivial tasks but also to organize the famous fights in their Arena. Several tournaments take place all year around, and special guests from distant lands are often invited, thanks to Dingirra's magic portal abilities.

Dingirra is run by the Grand Mogul Rafik and the four families. The Four Families are the families of those who founded Dingirra. Their names are Kiduu, Gamesh, Lugal and Galanna.

[edit] The four families

Each family employs mercenaries to keep their zone of influence safe from the other families.

The Kiduu family (family crest: an ivy leaf) deals with poisons, so their mercenaries have poisoned weapons.

The Gamesh family (family crest: a lotus flower) deals with drugs, so their mercenaries have drugs they can take to make themselves stronger/heal themselves.

The Lugal family (family crest: a hammer) are arms dealers, so their mercenaries are wearing heavy armor and weapons.

The Galanna family (family crest: a bull's skull) are enchanters, so their mercenaries have magically enchanted armor and/or weapons.

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