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While most Dingirrans don't follow an organized religion, most believe that the world was created out of the essence of the Four Great Djinns, powerful spirits residing in the elemental realms of fire, earth, air and water.

Before that, mankind lived in the darkness between the stars, perpetually cold, until the thief Nursal stole the four elements from the Great Djinns and brought them together, forming the world as a place for everybody to live so they would no longer have to shiver in the eternal cold.

Three of the Djinns praised him for his ingenuity; unfortunately, the fourth Djinn, the one residing in the realm of fire, was angry and created a huge ball of fire - the sun - to heat up the place where Nursal had built his house so that instead of being eternally cold, he would be eternally living under scorching heat.

Thus, the great desert where Dingirra stands today was created.

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