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Name: Dora

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Race: Dwarf

Occupations/Titles: Thief

Class: Thief/Hunter

Relationships: Ramas (in love)

Romanceable by: None


Gems, and gold.


Dora is a rather cheerful person, and fairly straightforward with her feelings. When she gets angry, she is quick to let you know.

Dora is rather liberal when it comes to personal property. After all, if she has someone else's property, then they must not have wanted it bad enough to keep it better protected.

Dora is very sensitive if people don't take her seriously. However, she is certainly willing to use someone else's misconceptions if it is to her advantage (such as the fact at first glance she looks like a human child).

Dora gets rather angry when people mistreat her, and others based on race alone. She has personally seen the racism of the Empire of Man, and can't understand why other people engage in similar actions.

Dora is proud of her lock-picking skills. One sure way to get on her bad side is to disparage her abilities.

Dora is also proud of her archery skills, holding herself as better than even Rei.

Dora has no qualms dealing with theft, but is more wary of worse crimes. Kidnapping may be justified, but there is no reason for murder.

Dora tends to get along well with other people. Those who earn her hatred are essentially the worst of the worst.

Dora doesn't like to spend too much time talking about her past for it brings up painful memories, remembrances she doesn't want to relive.


Dora resides in the city of Grimoire when she first meets Loren, though she was born in a dwarven settlement.

She makes a comfortable living as a thief. While essentially 'self-employed', she will take on jobs from others, especially 'transporter' work.

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