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Name: Draco Firestarter

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Brown

Race: Half-Elf

Occupations/Titles: N/A

Class: Mage/Elementalist

Relationships: Trouble (pet)

Romanceable by: Saren

[edit] Personality

Draco is a cheerful, good-natured young man who unfortunately has a hard time fitting in. His happy-go-lucky attitude can rub some people - like Loren - the wrong way, but the main issue is his mixed blood, which causes him to be discriminated against by both humans and elves (though the worst of it seems to come from humans). When he meets someone willing to overlook that, he is eager to befriend them, and gladly offers his help.

He is very persistent when he sets his mind on a course of action, though he can be reckless and take on more than he can handle.

He's quite gluttonous, and likes to have second helpings of meals. He also appears to carry extra food around on his person sometimes.

He feels sympathy towards the Dark Elves, and wishes all races could co-exist without finding reasons to hate each other.

Draco has rare magical talent, able to cast spells without the aid of a focus object such as a staff. Mostly he prefers using it to entertain his friends with tricks, though.

Although he can cast all four elements, his favourite is fire because 'fire's warm and cozy, and also deadly, and unpredictable, and pretty to look at...' He also enjoys shouting extra sound effects to accompany his spells.

Despite making the occasional flattering comment to women, his actual interest is exclusively towards men.

Beneath the surface, Draco suffers from poor self-esteem due to his upbringing. When speaking frankly, he calls himself ugly and particularly hates the pointed ears which reveal his elven heritage. He usually hides them behind his hair (though if romanced, he can be encouraged to stop doing this). He has difficulty believing anyone could really care about him or find him attractive. He also admits to faking cheerfulness sometimes, to save anyone the bother of worrying about him when he's down.

His real first name is Derry, but he dismisses it as 'stupid'. He doesn't know what his real family name was.

[edit] History

Draco was born to a human merchant from Lothark and an elven woman, who fell in love despite the long history of hostility between their races. They attempted to live together in Lothark as a family, but when the truth came out his mother was imprisoned. Because Draco showed magical abilities, he was taken to be raised at the Wizard Academy in Horus, an unwelcoming place where children are forced through rigorous and often dangerous training. He was eventually thrown out, after being blamed for summoning demons (though they continued to appear long afterwards).

He then began travelling and trying to establish himself as a famous magician, but things always seemed to go wrong. He met Loren's party after a run-in with Grob, which ended with him being put in a sack and tied upside-down from a tree.

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