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[edit] Biology

Descendants from Mother Nature. All plant life is attributed to her, and so all her children have a special bond with nature. Elder Druids are always female and must descend from a particular line of "pure" druids. Druid magic, on the other hand, can be learned by anyone, if you have a druid parent or grandparent.

The duty of the druids is to protect the forest and its symbiotic inhabitants. The elves have become an important part of the forest as much as the deer or the birds, so they are protected as well.

It is not uncommon to have flowers sprout with every step they take. So attuned to the forest are they, Druids can feel the forest's pain as if it were their own.

Druids can't abide the presence of Demons. Their very presence (or their thralls such as the Demonbloods can drain the life of the forest, and bring about the wrath of the Druids.

Deep red hair is a recessive trait among druids, so you can easily tell that Myrth is from a strong druid background. Most druids, and even some elves, refuse to wear animals as clothing.

Druids may have great powers of divination.

[edit] Druid Law

Harvesting trees or anything else from the forest without the supervision or permission of a druid is illegal. Fire of any sort is completely forbidden, so the elves rely heavily on food that does not need to be cooked, or import whatever they need from the dwarves, like weapons.

[edit] Druid Class in Loren the Amazon Princess

Druids are the magic wielders of the wilderness. They have an affinity for Air, Earth, and Water. Given their sylvan background, Fire magic is prohibited to them. Some Druids are able to get around this limitation by having attacks that combine the Fire element (such as the Smoke Cloud which is a combination Fire/Air attack) They practice some Dark Magic, but are masters of healing magics.

Their abilities include the following specializations:

  • Hail (Attacks the foe with a water attack, and has a chance of causing the Frozen condition.)
  • Stinging Swarm (Attacks the foe with an air based attack, and has a chance of causing the Tired condition.)
  • Smoke Cloud (Attacks the foe with a fire attack, and has a chance of causing the Burned condition.)
  • Tangling Weeds (Attacks the foe with an earth attack, and has a chance of causing the Slowed condition.)
  • Nature's Touch (Allows the caster to heal one's allies.)

[edit] Druid Class in Seasons of the Wolf

In Seasons of the Wolf, Druids are nature-themed spellcasters with a large array of offensive and defensive magic. On the defensive side, they can hasten allies, resurrect party members, or remove status effects. Offensively, they have elemental attacks which may hit all foes at once, or cause greater damage to a single opponent.

[edit] Prominent Druids


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