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The Dwarves occupy an area to the east of the Empire of Man, and north of the Elven Lands. They are on the doorstep of Everburn, making them the primary target during a Demon invasion.


[edit] Capital

The capital of the Dwarves is the city of Hammerhands. One thing most other races who visit the city don't realize that just as much as you see on the surface, there is as much city below ground.

[edit] Society

There doesn't appear to be any gender strife in Dwarven society. It appears any occupation is open to male and female both.

Dwarven society is stratified, as it is known there is a noble class, and a lower class. However, there is a chance for social mobility, but normally nobles don't marry those of lower classes.

It seems there is a stigma if a noble dwarf marries a lower class one, but this attitude isn't held by all (such as Ramas and Dora)

While Dwarves certainly live on the surface (as can be seen from the farming villages, etc.) they possess, many of their people and buildings are under the ground.

Dwarves are wealthier than other races, enamored as they are with precious metals and gems.

While industrious, dwarven cities are also among the most polluted. Hammerhands is known to suffer from smog.

Dwarves can be rather stubborn, excelling at whatever they set their mind too.

[edit] Government

It is unknown whether there is a King or Queen ruling the Dwarves, but they are known to have several noble houses which definitely controls several aspects of dwarven society.

[edit] Foreign Relations

In the time of Loren, the Dwarves maintain fair relations with both the Humans and Elves. However, except for a few notable exceptions, few Dwarves live in the lands of other races. While both Humans and Elves would like closer relations to the Dwarves, especially when war erupts, the Dwarves wisely stay neutral.

However, this also has the consequence when trouble hits, the Dwarves are usually on their own. A good example of this is when Orcs invaded Hammerhands in year 606.

[edit] Military

The Dwarves have a strong military which gives pause to invaders. Dwarves also have large number of Berserkers among their ranks, warriors who have no fear of death.

There is a strong martial streak among the Dwarves, and in time of war, you will see non-soldiers take up arms as well.

Even if not soldiers, all Dwarves are expected to be good at fighting, usually mastering at least one weapon.

[edit] Religion

[edit] Magical Inclinations

While not the most magical of races, Dwarves are known to produce their share of wizards and alchemists.

[edit] Agriculture

Much of dwarven agriculture centers around their fondness for strong alcohol, which requires a good number of grains crops. It is hypothesized they may also be masters of subterranean farming.

[edit] Trade

Dwarves are arguably the most industrious people in Aravorn, and dwarven merchants are usually welcome in the lands of the other races.

Dwarven mead is much loved by other races, and does really well in trading.

[edit] Crime

Dwarves are no more immune to criminal activities than any other race. However, the dwarven criminal underground is often truly underground, residing in tunnels and abodes well away from where other dwarves normally dwell.

[edit] Customs

When a dwarf noble is interested in another dwarves, and seeks their hand in marriage, they will offer them their family crest. Acceptance indicates the other's desire to join the other in marriage.

The head of a dwarven house is usually the eldest dwarf, even if they aren't up to the job. The head dwarf keeps a record of accomplishments on the family gem.

The family gems are akin to the family crests which humans have. There can be a large number of gems, especially as various activities fill up each gem such as marriage, heroic deeds, etc.

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