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Elven Hero
Name: Elenor

Hair: Light Brown

Eyes: Brown

Race: Elf

Occupations/Titles: Slave

Class: Warrior or Thief/Hero

Relationships: None

Romanceable by: Loren, Karen, Chambara, Mesphit, Rei, Amukiki


None currently indicated.

[edit] Personality

As one of two characters representing the player, Elenor's personality is rather malleable. During certain conversations, she has the option of a Joking, Tender, or Forceful answer. If one trait becomes dominant, then her outlook is flavored by this decision. A Joking personality sees the humor in a situation, Tender will try to reach their aims peacefully, while a Forceful Elenor thinks she can physically dominate any situation.

Elenor is extremely loyal to the Amazons in particular, and her Mistresses in particular, current and past ones.

[edit] History

Elenor, an elf who at a young age traded her freedom for protection. Elenor had been separated from her tribe by marauding orcs.

Elenor is chaste, even if she served in the Queen's harem. (Revealed in a Chambara dialogue).

[edit] Background Choices

Elenor's history is more malleable than other characters. At the start, the player will have certain choices which effects Elenor's background, as well as some future dialogues.

These choices are reflective if you picked a Warrior background. The Thief background is essentially the same except in a few key areas.

Dutiful Servitude

The first choice, dictates where Elenor currently serves the Amazons.

  • Healers Quarters (reveals Elenor's healing abilities, gives a +2 to Will)
  • Training Grounds (reveals Elenor's training as a combat instructor, gives a +2 to Strength)
  • Royal Palace (reveals Elenor as one of the royal guard, gives a +2 to Skill) / (The Thief alternative reveals Elenor was part of the queen's Harem, one of many potential lovers as well. However, Queen Karen never took Elenor to bed, and acted more as a spy and assassin.)


Highlights Elenor's exploits in the current year's Provings.

  • Arena (Elenor bests all warriors, +2 to Strength and starts with a longsword)
  • Target Challenge (Elenor's archery rivals most Amazons, +2 to Skill and starts with a small crossbow)
  • Magic trials (Elenor excels in magical exploits, +2 to Will and starts with a Ring of Magic)

Object Lesson

Elenor's previous mistress visited a tavern, and disrespected by drunk Amazons. Elenor took action entailing:

  • Teaching them a lesson (Elenor bests the drunkards in a fight, +2 to Strength)
  • Sneaks her mistress out (Elenor acted as a distraction while her mistress leaves, +2 to Skill)
  • Reasoned with them (Elenor talked the drukarounds from wanting to fight, +2 to Will)

Winter Solstice Gift

Elenor crafts a gift for her mistress.

  • A powerful sword (forges a strong sword, +2 to Strength)
  • A beautiful bow (hand-carves out a bow, +2 to Skill)
  • A rare book (gives a book of arcane literature, +2 to Will)

Loyalty Reward

Elenor's previous mistress dies, and leaves a gift for her.

  • A shield (gains her mistress' shield, +2 to Strength and Shield)
  • Leather armor (gains her mistress' leather armor, +2 to skill and Leather Armor)
  • An enchanted ring (gains an heirloom ring from her mistress, +2 to Will and Ring of Speed)

Freedom Temptation

Another slave approaches Elenor, trying to convince her to leave.

  • Convince him not to escape (Persuades the slave life with the Amazons isn't so bad, +2 to Will)
  • Report to authorities (The slave is revealed to the powers that be as a traitor, +2 to Strength)
  • Refuse, and help free slave (Helps the slave leave, removing his poisonous talk, +2 to Skill)
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