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[edit] Borders and Neighbors

The Empire of Man is in the West to Northwest of the continent of Issanins. Farther west there are only the Amazon lands with their capital Citadel. To the south is the border to the Elves. Northeast of the empire is Hammerhands populated by Dwarves and to the east the border is a mountain range plagued by demons and worse. TBD: Needs names Update: even if in Loren isn't mentioned, the Empire of Man also extends on the east of Issanis and on south. In practice the whole Issanis continent is under the control of the Empire Of Man except for a few areas. This is going to change though in year 676 as shown in the Timeline.

[edit] Geography

Most of the Empire is composed of flat farmland and gentle hills, also used for agriculture. The largest/important cities present in the Empire include:

[edit] Capital

The capital of the Empire is Grimoire, reflecting the dominance magicians have over the government.

[edit] History

Before the Empire, territories were divided among hundreds of tribes and Kings. They began to dominate each other after the Old Age, conquest after conquest. A great king, the previous wielder of the Ember Blade, managed an army so great that he went undefeated in uniting all the human civilizations under one banner. He was buried with his sword in a tomb in Mt. Kronos and his Empire carried on as a monarchy for many generations. A few costly peasant revolts and a noble war later, the Council was established to represent all major factions, and the Empire has never had a King or Queen since. The Council is rarely in agreement, unless they are speaking of their common enemies: the elves.

[edit] Society

Unlike the Amazons, the Empire of Man has no institution of slavery. However, this doesn't mean everyone is equal; wizards top the social pyramid, followed by high ranking military officials.

As a result, there is a large underclass which supports the top, though those with great ability may eventually rise to the top.

However, it appears most dominant positions are held by males.

The Empire of Man does have a small population of other races, like Dwarves and Elves. This mostly occurs in the larger cities like Grimoire, and the non-humans reside in arguably the worst, most rotten part of the city.

[edit] Government

The Empire of Man is nominally ruled by a group of politicians, with the wizards holding the dominant power. However, there is tension between them and the military as just who should have control. The controlling body is simply called the Council.

The wizards are formally organized into a Guild; it is simply called the Wizards' Guild.

The military follows a normal military structure, led by two generals: General Ashtran and General Samael

[edit] Foreign Relations

The Empire of Man maintains decent relations with the dwarves, but are usually at odds with the elves. They look down upon the Nomads, and have no formal contact with the Amazons.

[edit] Military

While women warriors are not unknown, the majority of soldiers in the Empire of Man are human males. There is a strict chain of command, overseen by two generals who answer only to the Council in Grimoire.

[edit] Religion

The people of the Empire of Man acknowledge a good many gods and goddesses, worshipping them as they see fit.

It is possible the populace also believes celestial bodies have an influence on them. Some individuals swear by the 'Stars and Moons.'

[edit] Magical Inclination

Given the dominance of wizards, it should come as no surprise the Empire of Man holds magical study in paramount importance. They do make an exception for those who practice Dark Magic.

[edit] Laws

While it is not forbidden to carry weapons, the Empire of Man has a strict policy about their use. Indiscriminate use can lead to fines, imprisonment, or worse.

Giving any implication the Council may be wrong can be considered an act of treason.

[edit] Entertainment

Gladiatorial combat is among the largest form of entertainment in the Empire. Warriors fight for money and fame, all for the spectacle of the crowd. Winners can achieve great status, while losers fade away.

[edit] Important Cities

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