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To the east of Hammerhands, lies Everburn. This region takes its name from the Everburn Mountains, a region dark and dank region. It is primarily inhabited by Demons, but other races are known to inhabit here such as Golems and Drakes.


[edit] Society

Little is known of demon society, other than might makes right. However, this doesn't just include physical strength; the intelligent and cunning often rise to positions of power.

[edit] Government

The government of Everburn is a tyranny in the strictest sense of the word. The country is ruled by the whims of the Death Knight Fost. Second in command are the succubus Jul and the goblin shaman Grob.

[edit] Military

Everburn doesn't seem to have an organized military other nations of Aravorn would recognize. However, the sheer power and numbers of the Demons isn't to be underestimated.

[edit] Foreign Relations

Everburn has no formal relations with most other nations, other than viewing others as potential slaves and prey. They can get along with others like the orc tribes, but Everburn is ever dominant.

[edit] Religion

It is little known what beliefs, if any, Everburn has. However, other sources reveal Demons to have a goddess specific to their race, Morax.

[edit] Magical Inclinations

There doesn't seem to be any formal magical organizations like the Empire of Man or Elven Lands have, but there are still a large number of magic-users in the country.

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