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[edit] Geography

The Map Of Aravorn (WIP).
The Map Of Aravorn (WIP)

Aravorn is divided into two main continents, Zoltar on the west and Issanis on the east. Other minor islands might be present, as well as some uncharted territory! But those are the two biggest continents where most stories will take place (not necessarily at the same time).

[edit] Issanis

Is the most populated continent. Includes some mountainous and desert areas, but in general there's abundance of plains, grass and very good places to establish towns. It's mostly under the control of the Human Empire, with its capitol city Grimoire. While in Grimoire most of the population is Human, and in GrandTree is elven, in the towns of Triberg and Icesilia there's more space for other race/cultures, especially after the events of Loren's game. Icesilia is nearby the sea (probably should have moved the text more close to the coast) and is surrounded on the west by the dense forest of Howlgrove, where it is said that witches and other mysterious creatures live. Triberg is a town thriving with commerce and arts, thanks to a very different philosophy from the other human towns, more open to novelty and other cultures. Is the most rich town of the eastern continent despite not being the capitol of the Human Empire.

[edit] Zoltar

The western continent is much less hospitable. It has good part of the northern region covered by a permafrost, with a big mountain chain to divide it from the southern region which is made mostly of desert areas and barren wastelands. There are a few exceptions of course: the town of Dingirra is a big commercial center, with a big arena where numerous fights take place. Slavery is widespread there. The town of Ninim is a small village in the northern part of the continent, where almost nobody dares to travel. New: on the coast of Zoltar lies the city of Shacklesplit, founded by escaped and freed slaves - a safe haven from Dingirra.

[edit] Regions/Towns Not Listed

These are towns and regions currently not listed on the map.

Extra-Dimensional Realms:




On Issanis:

In Loren the Amazon Princess

Chambara's Hut

Mount Kronos

Orcish Wastes

Tomb of Twilight

Unforgiving Swamp

Vork Lair

In Seasons of the Wolf



White Foam River

Mentioned in Spirited Heart

Basilisk Woods



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