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Gladiators are fighters trained in the Empire of Man's arenas. Their primary setup is sword and shield, believing a solid defense is the foundation for an invincible warrior.

The training also allows Gladiators to protect their allies, or to go on the offensive. Such training includes:

  • Shield Defense (Increases the Gladiator's defense, but lowers his speed).
  • Shield Wall (Allows a Gladiator to protect everyone in his row, reducing the damage they suffer).
  • Battle Cry (The Gladiator unleashes a cry which may cause fear in a row of enemies).
  • Assault (The Gladiator attacks a foe with both sword and shield, causing greater damage and has a chance of staggering the enemy)
  • Shield Bash (The Gladiator attacks with a shield, causing great damage, and may even paralyze his foe)
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