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[edit] The Beginning

In the long dark there were two. Wythgr and Edswa. Ours was not the first world. Ours was but one fire in the long history of torches to have brought light to the universe. The others had gone out and there was only the two. As had been before, and would be again, the two kindled a new fire. New life for the universe to see and know that hope existed. They named it for favored children long forgotten, Aravorn. A torch cannot be held by emptiness. And so the lonely world of Aravorn was given a layer of reality to nestle in, to lay upon and grow from: The underworld. The two looked down upon the world they had put into the universe. Understanding only that they had created what they could. As had been done before and as will be done again the two sighed upon Aravorn, and their lives left them. The sacrifice of the two brought the final spark that gave reality to the world. The beasts and animals of the wild reared their heads and understood. They had not been but for the life that flowed through them now. The final children of the two looked over their world and took to their tasks.

Those lucky few who were at the places where the breath of the two touched Aravorn became colossus of life. More idea than creature, their aspects became their being. And through them, creation was given a path. They had no names, for they needed none. One does not need a name for breathing to fill ones lungs. And so the nine, like the two before them, simply were.

We call them now, the Coda. Goralpha (Good), Weald (The Wild), Trisn (Evil), Egywr(Society), Dwumorn (Life), Nnaa (Light), Rilulphr(Death), Yuim (Weather), and Eafwym (Magic). The Coda are not rulers, nor are they arbiters. They simply are.

As the decades became centuries, the beasts and creatures grew and changed. Over time, the peoples came to be. Some say this was the influence of Eafwym and Egywr. Certainly Egywr has ever been present where more than ten people gather to agree on a rule. Regardless, the peoples banded together: be they elf, man, orc, or any of the other peoples.

But the Coda are not rulers. They simply are. When a creature of great evil chose to exert her will over the peoples, Trisn may have smiled, but it did not guide. When she gathered her allies and between them they rent the veil of the underworld asunder and put the peoples of this world under their boot; Goralpha may have frowned, but did not interfere. Only Eafwym, whose essence was magic saw the workings of the world and thought to change them. For the very nature of magic is to change what is. She is called “she”, though none of the Coda are truly male or female, because of the form she first adopted. In the early days of the harrowing that history well records, there was one whose pain is not recorded. What befell her is not ours to know. What is known is the depths of her anguish and anger. The depths of her desire for pain. The dead were more powerful than any person in Aravorn, and so Eafwym sought to even the scales. A measure of inferno, whose essence would meld much better with the intentions of the would be Queen, and a concentration of the magic that was herself. Together, the first Goddess was born.

This goddess was born of the peoples, she was one of them. She had ears to hear the pleas of the peoples who had suffered like she had. And hear them she did, and act she did.

The Queen was not the only deity to be created by Eafwym, simply the first. Not all were melded with Inferno, some took of Elysium, others pure magic or even a swelling of the spark of the two. None of this was done at the behest of the peoples. Certainly Eafwym did not bestow this gift on only the peoples, even demons would have their gods. Some say that the creation of the gods increased Eafwym’s sphere of influence. Influence to be used in some inscrutable game the Coda play amongst themselves as the aeons pass. That said, even the gods who received these gifts would be hard pressed to tell you why that being gave them power divine. But as the gods and goddesses grew in number, suddenly the peoples found in them… a voice. The Coda were by their very nature, distant. But the gods? They came from the peoples. From every corner, from every race, they came. And now the peoples had ones they could turn to. Prayers were made, prayers were answered. And the religions we practice today came to be. We all know the War of Fallen Kingdoms, the gods were not immune to the privations of the Death Knights. Who can say how many gods were lost before they could ever be known by their people. But many remain today, if more distant than they once were.

[edit] Gods/Goddesses

There are a multitude of gods and goddesses worshipped and revered on Aravorn. However, this also includes other entities and forces who may either be on par with the deities, or given as much respect as them.


Cult of the Dead





Nameless God







[edit] Demon Gods/Goddesses






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