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Great Mother

Great-Mothers are honored past queens which the Amazons give due reverence. Some may call this ancestor worship, but it isn't worship in the traditional sense. Amazons certainly venerate those who came before, but don't expect any intervention on the part of those who came before.

Needless to say, Amazons only give honor to the females of their lines; males aren't even worth consideration. This attitude may change in time after the events of Loren the Amazon Princess.

This creates a rather conservative society where the actions and judgments of the previous generations establishes the laws and traditions for those who come after. However, while the Amazons recognize the wisdom of the past, a strong leader also knows when such beliefs must change, or even die.


[edit] Disposal of the Dead

The Amazons respect the remains of their forebears. They bury them in a great catacombs underneath the Citadel. It is unknown what happens to the remains of the males.

[edit] Intercession

The Great-Mothers normally don't interact with their descendants. One of the few exceptions to this is when the heir apparent of a living Queen undergoes a Rite of Passage. The Amazonian princess descends into catacombs below the Citadel, aided by another trusted individual, and she comes face-to-face with her ancestress. There, she faces questions and dilemmas posed by those who came before.

If the princess satisfies that specific Great-Mother she is allowed to move on. Otherwise, the princess must combat the Great-Mother; even if the Great-Mother might disagree with the aspirant's beliefs, she will respect her force of strength. And if the heir dies? Then she was unworthy to rule the Amazons.

[edit] Beliefs

Amazons strive to live their lives as ones of honor. Upon death, they will be judged by the Great-Mothers, and those found worthy will reside with them.

[edit] Collected Wisdom

  • A strong Amazon can only die one of two ways: by someone's blade or by their own.
  • We conquer death by meeting it like warriors.
  • Killing yourself isn't escaping life; it is conquering both pain and death.
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