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Capital of Empire of Man

Grimoire is the capital of the Empire of Man. As such, it is the most important city in the country. It has several prominent locales

[edit] Society

There are a number of Dwarves and Elves which make Grimoire their home. However, they are primarily confined to one rotten area of town because the Humans don't wish to have them present.

[edit] Areas of Interest

  • Castle -- The highest place of authority in the city, and by extension the Empire of Man. This is where the Empire's Council meets to conduct business.
  • Marketplace -- As the capital of the Empire of Man, it stands to reason the marketplace is one of the greatest areas of commerce as well.

[edit] Tasks

As the largest city in the Empire, Grimoire has several activities which the party may take part in.

1. Fight street thugs. (+1 Fame, you may use 6 party members)

2. Defeat guards in a tournament. (+2 Fame, you may use 6 party members)

3. Fight a 2 versus 2 battle in the arena. (+5 Fame, 2 on 2 battle)

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