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[edit] Hunters in Loren the Amazon Princess

Hunters are masters of distance attacks. While they may attack in close quarters, they prefer to finish off a foe from afar, preferably by peppering them with arrows.

Hunters may master many crafts, including the following:

  • Pinning Shot (Hits a foe for increased damage, and has a chance of Paralyzing him.)
  • Snipe (Hits a foe already Frozen, Burned, Tired, Shattered, or Poisoned for even greater damage.)
  • Camouflage (Increases the Hunter's defensive value)
  • Rain of Arrows (Attacks an enemy, and also damages others within the area of effect)
  • Sneak Attack (Hits a Staggered foe with great damage, and has a chance of causing them to be Scared.)

[edit] Hunters in Seasons of the Wolf

Hunters are the wilderness themed Thieves in Seasons of the Wolf. They are capable of fighting in the front row, but are at their strongest in the rear, and getting an attack bonus from the back-row. They can access elemental attacks to further damage staggered opponents. Hunters can hide in the shadows, heal themselves, or prepare to hit foes with critical strikes.

[edit] Prominent Hunters


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