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Irijo is known as the Goddess of Truth to most individuals aware of her. The Disciples of Truth are monks dedicated to her service.

The legend of Irijo begins when she was just a woman married to a powerful, yet heartless nobleman. She was well-liked in the community which angered the nobleman, who resented her popularity. Every night he abused her, and Irijo never fought back.

One day, she found out she was pregnant. Fearing for the life of her child, she prayed to the gods for safety. But the gods didn't answer her prayer, and when the nobleman discovered her secret, he imprisoned her in a high tower where she was to stay until her execution. Determined to decide her own fate, Irijo jumped from the tower, ready to plunge to her death, but the gods finally heard her plea and guided her descent. She fell from tree to tree until she splashed into the river below, which she was certain had never been there before. Bewildered, cold, wet, but alive, she fled to the nearby mountains.

One of the nobleman's guards spotted Irijo escaping and alerted the nobleman, who organized a hunting party to track her down. He recruited the best assassins, mercenaries, and trackers in the region, and they quickly found Irijo.

Armed with just her wits and a determination to survive, Irijo managed to defeat every person who came after her. She used the mountains as cover, but grappled with the men if they approached her. It is said that her need to protect her unborn child granted her supernatural strength.

Tired of being on the run, Irijo returned to her village and told everyone what happened to her. She brought letters her husband had written to the mercenaries as proof of his plans and deeds. Convinced of her story, the town stood beside her and killed the nobleman for his sins. Although the town welcomed her to stay, Irijo refused and returned to the mountains. She taught herself how to survive in the wilderness, and eventually gave birth to a healthy son, whom she named Jin-ho, which means "survivor".

She taught her son to work hard and to center his actions on sharing the Truth. Her teachings are still practiced by the Disciples of Truth, who are monks dedicated to her service.

The Goddess Irijo's power is earned by rigorous trainings. Anyone can join the cult of Irijo, which is hidden deep in the mountains, as the knowledge of Irijo can be learned by anyone who wishes to become a Disciple of Truth. However, mastery of that knowledge is only reached by the selected few, one of whom is Sauzer.

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