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Name: Joanne

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Classes: Mage

Relationships: Kira (Younger Sister), Thalia (Younger Sister), Arianna (Mother), Lysander (Father)

Race Human


Joanne is the oldest of the Queen of Thieves daughters and the only one born with the gift of magic. From a very young age, she was able to instinctively use her abilities to all kinds of magic. Her ambition when she was a child was to go to a famous school of magic and learn how better to use her gifts. Her dream fell apart, however, on the day her mother was captured. With her gone, she was the only one left, apart from her father, who could care for her younger siblings. She became almost a surrogate mother to Kira and Thalia. Her younger sisters have not always appreciated this but they understand what she had to give up to do it.

Unlike her sisters, Joanne has no real experience with romance. Between looking after her sisters and focusing on her magic, she has had little time to really explore such things. She has been in relationships but they always ended very quickly. Joanne assumes it was because she was taking things too slowly for them or else they had only been interested in her body and not her mind. She likes when people are interested in her body, especially her legs, but it upsets her if they try to push that forward into something more than she is ready for. Her youngest sister often mocks her for being a thirty year old virgin although that is usually in response to Joanne chiding her over her rather loose attitude towards sex.

Outside of romance, Joanne comes across as a friendly and knowledgeable person who exudes extreme confidence in everything she does. The only problem is that when things go wrong she tends to get extremely flustered and her mind goes blank. She has gotten so used to things going how she expected that things going wrong is so utterly alien to her that it completely throws her off. Her sisters take great delight in teasing her during those situations which makes them even worse.

Joanne often gets into arguments with her younger sister, Thalia, over the gods. Her sister rejects the existence of divine beings while she believes them to be extremely real. She is often mocked for her devotion, attending the local temple at least once a week to pay her respects to the gods. Unlike her sister who blames the gods for what happened, Joanne believes that only by petitioning the gods will they succeed in their endeavour to rescue their mother.

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