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Name: Karen

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Race: Amazon

Occupations/Titles: Queen of the Amazons

Class: Thief/Scout

Relationships: Loren (daughter), Ryzom (deceased lover)

Romanceable by: Elenor

[edit] Personality

One of Karen's issues is that she views herself as weak, and many Amazons might agree. First, she has a predilection for falling in love with slaves. While taking sexual pleasure is not a problem among the Amazons, one is not meant to form relationships with slaves.

Karen sees her continued existence as an affront to Amazon ideals: when one is weak, they are supposed to take their own life.

Karen is bisexual, first having a romance with Ryzom, and depending on the player's choices, with Elenor.

Karen raised Loren to be the ideal Amazon, but as a consequence, they were unable to be close. Still, she is excessively proud of her.

While Karen was distant from her daughter, she is a passionate woman, loving woman especially in small groups. She deeply loved Ryzom, and then Elenor (if one pursues that route).

Much like other Amazons, Karen is a warrior born and bred, with a preference for the spear.

Karen has little to do with other races, especially when it comes to politics, and may make insensitive comments in the heat of the moment. However, when in camp, she reveals a more caring side and is much more at ease.

[edit] History

Karen the Amazon Queen. She is the catalyst for the events in Loren the Amazon Princess. Karen ends up disappearing, and no tracker is able to find her within the bounds of Amazonian land.

As events transpire, it is soon revealed she is travelling in the presence of a male, who is initially assumed to be a kidnapper. After much searching, she is found within the ruins at the heart of the Unforgiving Swamp. Bound by Lizardmen, and set to be sacrificed, Karen is rescued by Loren. After this encounter, Karen sorrowfully reveals that she actually left the Citadel by her own free will, to live in peace with her lover, Ryzom (who the Lizardmen had already slain).

She also did this out of love for Loren. If it had been discovered that she was in love with a slave, and a male at that, she and Loren would be exiled at best, and killed at worst.

Once her daughter is fit to assume the throne, Karen decides to leave Amazon lands. If she remained, she would weaken Loren's rule.

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