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Legravam - Demon God of Treachery

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Legravam is the demonic god of treachery. His rise to godhood is shrouded in secrecy, which is exactly the way he likes it. Stories tell that he once faced Ibnesti in a contest of arms, and won through cheating. Though those tales implicitly state that he did not gain his godhood in that contest. Some say that he got his position by blackmailing Morax. Some say that he instead murdered hundreds of her rivals. However he rose to godhood, it is surely done with betrayal and foul play. These are the domains of Legravam. Today he is positioned as both a lackey and a rival to Morax. Though she rules demon-kind with an iron fist, she has yet to eliminate Legravam. A fact he that has not escaped him. He is seen as constantly plotting and scheming for Morax’s throne. To-date, Morax has thwarted his desires. For all his scheming, Legravam is not seen as particularly clever. Often his schemes rely on betrayals within betrayals and will collapse in a fury of murder and vengeance before the goal can be achieved. This does not displease Legravam, at times he seems to seek treachery purely for treachery’s sake, with no greater goal in mind.

Legravam is worshipped only loosely. He is too inconstant to warrant true devotion. He is every bit as likely to use a worshipper as bait or patsy to help fulfill the schemes of more favored worshippers. No worshiper is safe from Legravam’s machinations. For those who do worship him, it is a tricky line to walk. Betraying a trusted ally is the quickest way to gaining a boon from him. Murdering a close friend who does not expect it will usually grant high favor. Legravam does not really have any tenants to his worship. Any rule he thinks of gets broken as soon as it is convenient to the downfall of another. There are some vague guidelines to staying in his favor:

    The pain of others is your food, and no pain is greater than the unexpected one.  Eat well.  
    Trust is a knife in your hands.  A knife is nothing if it is not cutting.
    Rules are the refuge of the weak.  There should be no refuge for the weak.

Even following these guidelines is a suggestion. Living your life perfectly honestly only to betray someone at a crucial moment is a perfect way to catch his eye.

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