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Lizardmen are a race of bipedal, reptilian creatures. They prefer to live in the swamps, ferociously protecting their territory from intruders.

The Lizardmen are the most numerous race in the Unforgiving Swamp.

[edit] Society

Little is known about the Lizardmen society as they tend to kill, or capture any intruders. It is unknown whether they have towns and villages like the other races of Aravorn. However, they must have some mechanism for learning and weapon-making as evidenced by the presence of Warriors, Scouts, and Wizards.

The largest Lizardman (and nominally the leader) is called the Lizardman King.

The Chzulu Ruins one of their greatest structures, though it's unknown if they built it or simply moved in to the useful area. It is known the Lizardmen conduct human sacrifice and enact magical rituals in the ruins.

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