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Amazon Princess
Name: Loren

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Race: Amazon

Occupations/Titles: Amazon Princess, Chosen of the Gods

Class: Warrior/Blademaster

Relationships: Queen Karen (mother)

Romanceable by: Elenor, Saren

[edit] Personality

Loren is a consummate warrior, training fervently everyday when at home. She is known to have an extensive weapon collection, even when travelling.

Loren is the epitome of Amazonian royalty; strong, commanding, direct, reserved. However, given her royal position, and the Amazonian preference for isolation, Loren is socially awkward. Subtlety is often lost on her.

Initially, she has little to do with her companions, but soon recognizes the strength of each, and even grows fond of them. However, Loren still has no patience for their foolishness, and remains separate as much as possible from them.

Extended travels open up Loren's eyes. While she still sees the Amazon culture as paramount, she also recognizes the flaws in it. She sees that if her home is to thrive, it must change its ways, though it must wait while greater threats are attended to first.

At the start, Loren has a preference for female lovers. However, time shows her that males may be as capable as Amazons.

Loren shows a vain side, reacting badly when Draco reveals he doesn't find her particularly attractive.

Loren does not care for the gods. She would rather rely on her own strength than some distant, nebulous being.

She hates to show weakness. However, Loren will 'rest', especially if she believes she is doing it for her traveling companions, rather than herself.

Loren has little interest in ruling, surprised when her mother relinquishes the throne.

Upon her first time away from the Citadel, Loren discovers she suffers homesickness, even missing all the comforts of her home.

She loves her mother, but is emotionally distant as befits an Amazon and royalty. However, there is a part of her which feels sadness at this distance.

[edit] History

Loren had a rather lonely childhood. While she eagerly threw herself into martial pursuits, she was kept quite isolate of the greater, wider world. Thus, Loren is quite surprised at the size of the other nations and powers when she first leaves Amazonian land.

This also means Loren had little experience with the condition of Amazonian slaves. What she sees does not sit well with her, finding empathy with the slaves.

Loren was taught as a child to be the consummate warrior, but as mentioned before, kept her from forming any close ties, especially with her mother.

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