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This is just a rough summary of the camp dialogues in Loren the Amazon Princess. These may be initiated by clicking on an individual while in the camp screen. There are new ones available each act, and if you recruit another person to your party.

Most of the dialogues are the same, whether one is Elenor or Saren, though there are a small number which are accessible by one or the other. Right now, these are the ones Elenor undergo. Also note that the order the dialogues run will differ depending on which chapter, and how far in the game you are in.


[edit] Loren Camp Dialogues

1. (This is one that happens automatically when entering the camp scene). Loren is unable to sleep at night. She has no comforts of home, and is put off by her surroundings. Elenor/Saren tell Loren she is homesick, and give her their furs. Loren also learns that servants sleep on the ground, with no furs, and this doesn't sit well with her. (E, S)

2. (If you took the Apolimesho route in Chapter 1) Loren asks Saren where she was while talking with Apolimesho since Elenor was supposed to be in prison. Elenor reveals she broke out with the help of Rei. Elenor needed to be by Loren's side. Loren says if time hadn't been of issue, she would have fought harder for Elenor to be with her. Elenor says she wishes Loren had fought harder as well. Loren apologizes for this, promising this won't happen again. Elenor then reveals she had been in the rafters above the Amazonian princess.

3. Elenor asks if Apolimesho can be trusted. Loren says she rarely trusts anyone, and the Archwizard unnerves her more than most people. Loren has no problem with magic, but seeing as how Apolimesho is a citizen of the Empire of Man, she figures he will promote their interests first. Loren swears she won't let him use the Amazons as a puppet. Then she swears Grob will die for his deceptions which led to their imprisonment in Act I in Grimoire.

4. (If you took the Apolimesho route in Chapture 1) Elenor comments it was a rough moment between Draco's seeming betrayal, and Apolimesho's reaction. However, Elenor is especially grateful for Loren standing up for her. Loren thinks nothing of it, pointing out Elenor had many opportunities to slay her in their sleep and run for freedom. However, Elenor never considered escaping Loren.

5. Loren is quiet after her mother was rescued. Elenor thought the princess would be happy, but instead Loren acts somber, almost depressed at her mother's return. Elenor brings her food, but Loren isn't hungry. Elenor then asks Loren if she regrets rescuing her mother. This comment angers Loren, but Elenor goes on, saying Loren doesn't act grateful. Loren reveals her relationship is tortured at best.

6. Loren has a dull blade, and wants Elenor to sharpen it. The princess hands Elenor the Ember Blade/Hawk Blade, saying the glow is too distracting to sharpen properly. Elenor says she would be honored to service it, but Loren replies it is just a weapon. Elenor asks the princess if she still believes there is nothing special about the sword, pointing out the glow. Loren replies that many things glow, like a nightfly, but it doesn't make it anything special. Even if the Gods truly bonded the sword to it, Loren will not be their divine tool.

7. (If you took the Apolimesho route in Ch. 1, and then get Myrth in the power). Elenor comments the part is now traveling with a druid, and Loren says she never met a druid before, and finds her interesting. Elenor mention's the druid's beauty, but asks if they can trust her. Loren thinks they can, noting Myrth seems open and honest, almost harmless...except for her magic.

8. Elenor mentions how the Amazons usually remain neutral in most worldly affairs, as well as with regards to Dark Magic. Loren states that as long as nothing is a direct threat, Amazons can be quite ambivalent about things. Given the war with elves and humans, the Amazons will still sit it out.

9. Now that she is traveling with her, Elenor asks Loren what is expected of her. Loren says that even though they are away from the Citadel, Elenor is still a slave. Loren later explains that at home, all her slaves stood five paces away from her, and did not look the princess in the eyes. Elenor immediately complies, but Loren says it is odd when there is just one. However, Loren still requires Elenor to stand behind her.

10. Elenor discusses Karen asking Loren if they were close. Loren says this is a personal question, but responds anyway. Loren says she was taught to be strong; babies who need coddling are weak, and she has no regrets. Elenor discovers a hint of sadness in the princess. Loren then comments Elenor had no need of a mother, and is the stronger for it. Elenor then replies that she doesn't think family ties weaken people, and in fact strengthens them. Loren disagrees.

11. Elenor asks for knowledge of the Citadel. The Great-Mothers built it stone by stone. Initially there was no need to do so, but enemies kept testing the strength of the Amazons, so the walls were built. Loren states that within their walls, the Amazons are invincible. Though they have been attacked many times, the Citadel stood. Loren says it is foolish for others to attack, but it will probably continue. Then she wonders why her mother didn't seek to conquer other lands.

12. Elenor asks Loren why princesses aren't allowed to leave Amazon lands. Loren replies if the Queen is slain in battle, her kin can immediately take their place. Loren says this didn't happen because her mother didn't die, simply disappeared, and the Amazons wished to crown her, but the princess wouldn't stand for it. Loren says of course not; a strong Amazon dies by another's blade or her own.

[edit] Dora Camp Dialogues

1. (If you went Dora's route in Chapter one). Elenor approaches Dora, annoyed at what happened, saying the dwarf knows why she is there. Dora quickly says she knows why, and Elenor knows the dwarf feels bad enough at what transpired. Dora reveals her plan was to pick the lock, and sneak everyone out. Dora apologizes, and asks the party to move on.

2. Dora says she feels an ache in her heart at the plight of the Dark Elves. She says it is the same in Grimoire. The Dwarves and Elves are put into one corner of town, and no one cares. Elenor opines the Dark Elves might have been seeking attention for their plight. Dora says it is possible, and while she could understand the thefts, maybe even the kidnappings, there was no excuse for the killing.

3. Elenor asks Dora how Ramas is doing. The thief replies Ramas is doing fine; he's over his lost cart and eager to help Loren. Elenor notices the two of them are spending a lot of time together. Dora says it is mostly because she doesn't spend much time with other Dwarves. Dora says the humans have no problem if the Dwarves pass through, but they don't want them to settle in the city. However, Dora lives quite well, earning plenty of money.

4. Dora asks if Loren is truly a princess. Elenor replies yes, of the Amazons in the west. Dora gets misty-eyed, asking if Loren lives like a fairy-tale princess. Elenor says no, the Citadel is made of stone, and the Amazons prize furs and pelts above 'weak' metals. This surprises Dora, who points out gold and silver are pretty, and sell for a lot of coins. Elenor replies the Amazons have no use for a metal they can't make a weapon out of. This saddens Dora for Loren doesn't seem to enjoy other things in life. Then Dora wonders if she will still get a reward for her help. Elenor says certainly; the Amazons make fine bows.

5. Dora comments about Rei, glad to have another "shooter" in the party. Elenor points out it is a crossbow, but Dora says accuracy is the most important aspect, though acknowledges bows are harder to use. Elenor says Rei would disagree, but Dora points out Rei thinks he is the best at everything, even if Dora is truly the better one.

6. Elenor asks Dora why the thief was in a human city, and not a dwarven one. Dora replies she likes living in Grimoire. Elenor then asks the thief where she was born. Dora says she was born in a dwarven settlement, but left and moved to Grimoire. Elenor then asks why the thief left. This upsets Dora, and she doesn't answer, other than saying she wasn't kicked out.

7. (This occurs for Elenor when trying to gain Apolimesho back into the party). Dora makes mention that Elenor was in a Grimoire jail once more. Elenor says yes she was, and why Dora wants to know. Dora then asks what locks the jail had. Elenor doesn't know what type, except that Rei was able to break them out. Dora is a little affronted at the thought an elf could beat her home's locks. Dora figures it must be an easy lock, and Elenor directs the dwarf to ask Rei about it.

8. (A continuation from 7) Elenor asks Dora what did Rei say about the lock. Dora replies the assassin said it was a very easy lock. Elenor gives an expression of doubt, but Dora says she is telling the truth.

9. Elenor mentionsDora said she couldn't leave Grimoire due to a job she had, a job the dwarf didn't mention. Dora agrees she didn't say anything, and then remains silent. Elenor pressed ahead, asking Dora just what job did she leave. Dora says she was a transporter, and she would only carry important things. Elenor expresses some disbelief, but Dora vehemently denies being a thief.

[edit] Ramas Camp Dialogues

1. (If you went Dora's route in Chapter 1). Ramas says he can't believe the Shadowmen came after the party, saying such actions tend to only happen in stories. He asks if the party run into such occurrences all the time, but he is enjoying the chance to use his ax again, and how it makes him feel young again. Elenor says Ramas doesn't look that old, but the dwarf implies he is older than he looks.

2. Ramas calls Elenor to his side, to ask her opinion of something. He asks the slave what she thinks of Dora. This takes Elenor slightly by surprise, asking if there is something wrong with the thief. Ramas is surprised, asking Elenor why she would think that. Ramas says he simply wanted to know what Elenor thought of Dora. Elenor replies she thinks Dora is a fine person, a little hyperactive, and a good archer. Ramas then asks if Dora is a thief. Elenor says yes, Dora is, though the female dwarf wouldn't admit it. Ramas then wonders aloud what led Dora down that path. He then contemplates what might happen if Dora is caught and jailed, and this saddens him. Elenor comments that Ramas really likes Dora, and asks if she returns the favor. Ramas doesn't know, asking Elenor if she knows. Elenor shakes her head, and tells Ramas he should directly ask Dora. Ramas thinks this is a bad idea, and ends the conversation.

3. Ramas mentions that he thinks his cart had been attacked by the Dark Elves. He was going to trade with Elves but their blue-skinned cousins had attacked him first. Elenor asks him if he is sure, and Ramas states its hard to mistake someone for a blue-elf.

4. Elenor asks Ramas if his ax has a name. Ramas asks why he keeps getting asked that, saying its simply a hunk of metal. Ramas says he understands why people name their weapons, but his axe isn't whole. It lost its gem and he can't get sentimental about it. Elenor says they will wait on a naming ceremony until they get him an axe that he can respect.

5. Elenor asks if all dwarves live in the mountains. Ramas says some don't, though most do. He says he comes from Hammerhands, the strongest city in Aravorn, built right into the side of a mountain. Elenor asks if it is even stronger than the Citadel. Elenor then asks Ramas if he lives in mines like the dwarves of legend do. Ramas decisively says no, stating that mines are miserable places to be in.

6. Elenor asks Ramas, as a merchant, what does he sell. Ramas says mostly normal trade goods, but then dwarven mead started to sell really well. Elenor calls Ramas a drunkard, but he says there is nothing wrong for enjoying the drink, even if just a little.

7. Elenor asks Ramas how did he learn to fight so well with an axe. Ramas replies all dwarves are expected to be good fighters. Elenor then points out that as a merchant, Ramas would have less time to fight. Ramas says it is easy; he spends a lot of time fighting bandits and highwaymen. Elenor then has an option for a Romance statement, but Ramas says he isn't interested.

[edit] Chambara Camp Dialogues

1. Chambara is alone at the fire, and Elenor approaches her. Elenor notes that company seems to irritate the witch, but maybe she would change if offered friendship. Chambara asks the elf if she got a good look. Elenor is taken by surprise, but the Chambara says she is aware she has a nice butt. Elenor vehemently denies this. Chambara says Elenor missed her chance, and may not get another. The witch then asks what Elenor is doing there. Elenor says she wants to know about Dark Magic, but Chambara is bored. Bones, blood, and sacrifice are mundane bits to the magic. Elenor is shocked by mention of the sacrifice, but Chambara says it is usually just small animals. The witch's gaze takes in Elenor's body, and the elf suddenly worries Chambara may see her as a potential sacrifice.

2. Chambara asks the Elenor why she is still there. Elenor doesn't know what the witch is talking about. Chambara asks why Elenor hasn't run away since there is nothing hold the elf back. Elenor asks why, and Chambara points out the elf is a slave. Given what has transpired, Elenor stopped thinking of herself as a servant to Loren given the princess' trust and responsibility bestowed upon Elenor. Elenor says she is loyal to Loren, and Chambara asks what will happen when she is no longer of use to Loren. Chambara points out when the war is over, Elenor will go back to cleaning chamber pots, or even worse, Elenor will have died, and be little missed since she will still be a slave.

3. Elenor approaches Chambara for another chat. Chambara mentions how bold Elenor is, expecting the elf to sway her with her words. Chambara reaches out, and runs her hand down Elenor's side, getting a gasp from the elf. The witch comments about Elenor's remarkable curves, and says she is very attractive. Chambara then remarks that living among the Amazons, Elenor must be quite experienced. Elenor is flummoxed by the attention, and one response states she is a virgin.

4. Chambara says she finally understands why Elenor is fine with being Loren's slave. The witch says Elenor must be in love with the Princess. This statement surprises Elenor. Chambara says this explains why Elenor doesn't seek freedom; she is already under the control of the one she wants to be with. Elenor says she doesn't have a choice in her freedom, while Chambara points out Loren must harbor feelings for Elenor as well. Chambara further explains that Loren likes to dominate, while Elenor is submissive. Elenor briefly considers Chambara might be right about Loren's possible love, then denies it. If Elenor chooses the romance option, then this elicits a brief bout of jealousy out of Chambara.

5. Elenor asks Chambara how difficult is it to Shapeshift. The witch replies it is fairly difficult, but useful for hiding. Elenor asks is shapeshifting is Dark Magic. Chambara flippantly says yes, everything that is fun is evil. Elenor then asks if Shapeshifting is a simple spell. Chambara says no, one has to study an animal for a long time, and lots of research, and mishaps. Elenor asks what sorts of mishaps, and Chambara mentions partial transforamtions. Elenor is amused, angering Chambara who only remembers the pain and embarrassment.

6. (This one happens automatically, after you advanced the dialogues/romance along). Elenor is warming herself by the campfire, when she hears someone snickers by her side. Chambara smiles, and states they haven't had alone time before, and she has been waiting a long time. Elenor starts to rise, but Chambara shakes her finger, and keeps the elf from rising. Chambara says she likes the elf just where she is, and runs her fingers across Elenor's forehead, and down her face. Chambara says she is satisfied with her living...then says she is slightly envious of Loren. Elenor is discomfited, saying Chambara is acting weird. Chambara then lowers herself, sitting in front of Elenor, eyes focused entirely on her. Chambara directs Elenor to tell her that the elf wants her. and placing her hand on her thigh. It feels like time is pausing for Elenor, and hesitatingly says, 'Want you?'

Chambara smiles, moving her hand up the elf's neck, and then into her hair. Chambara smiles, pleased that Elenor wants her. Elenor is surprised by the slight choking sensation, and removes the witch's hand. Elenor asks Chambara if the reasons she envies Loren is because Elenor serves the princess, and would the witch prefer it was Chambara instead. Chambara is surprised by this insight, but the realization disrupts the Chambara's seduction. Chambara rallies on, asking Elenor that deep down, wouldn't she prefer the witch to the princess. Elenor grows angry, saying not only does Chambara's actions insult her, but her mistress Loren. Elenor says even if Chambara was the most beautiful woman in the world, the witch would fail with such a black heart. Chambara clamps a hand over her heart, surprised, and angered. Elenor herself is angry at how casually Chambara thought she could steal the elf from the Amazon princess.

Chambara stands, saying it was fun to make Elenor squirm, but because of her words, no matter how much she may beg later, Elenor burned that bridge. Elenor then wakes up the next morning, and sees Chambara next to her, wearing intimate apparel. Elenor says this isn't appropriate, and Chambara replies that is why she finds it fun. Chambara had picked a black outfit to entice Elenor...black like her heart. Elenor moves away, directing Chambara to leave. Chambara smirked, and asks what would the rest of the party think. Elenor pauses with fear, as she knows everyone else would see Chambara leave her tent in her lingerie. Chambara then leaves triumphantly, while everyone in the party assumes the worst with Chambara and Elenor.

[edit] Karen Camp Dialogues

1. Elenor asks Karen how she is. Karen, still saddened, says she will live. Elenor says this is okay, she is allowed to live. Karen looks at Elenor and hope the Great-Mothers judges her kindly. Elenor doesn't know what the queen meant by this, but hoped Karen could find solace in her ancestor spirits, hopefully to keep from being consumed by her sorrow.

2. Elenor asks Karen about the man the queen traveled with. Karen says his name was Ryzom, private servant, and close companion. Elenor digs a little further, and Karen admit she loved him. Elenor says that showing love isn't weak, but Karen disagrees.

3. Elenor asks Karen about her intention to give up her crown to Loren soon. Karen said she decided to do so almost immediately after Karen rescued her. The decision proved more wise as Loren exhibited maturity on the battlefield. Elenor points out Karen is still quite young, and Loren save her to specifically put her back on the throne. Karen says Loren should have let her die, but since she did, the Amazons are weakened by having a flawed queen on the throne. Elenor points out the queen is still formidable in battle, but Karen says it is an inner weakness, not one of body. Elenor insists there is nothing wrong with Karen, but the queen disagrees.

4. Elenor asks Karen how she became queen of the Amazons. Karen says her mother was Queen before her. Elenor says Karen's line must be a royal family that will continue for generations. Karen quantifies this, saying if her line remains strong, it will rule. Karen explains not all queens are chosen by blood; Karen's mother challenged the queen of the time, and won. Elenor says it seems easy way to gain the throne, but Karen says no. A challenge is not made lightly, and if the challenger doesn't win, she dies. Additionally, a fight can only occur if the challenger is just in her cause; one can't challenge the queen just to take the title. The people rejoiced when Karen's mother assumed the throne, and her line will be preserved when Loren takes the throne in her own right.

5. Elenor mentions that Loren said her mother was a very private person. Karen asks if her daughter said she was a poor mother. Elenor said Loren didn't say that. Karen reveals she didn't do nurse, entertain, or confide in her daughter. Karen says burdening others is a high offense (another sign of weakness). Elenor says she believes Loren wished to be closer to her mother, but Karen says her daughter never gave any indication of this. No matter, Karen is proud how strong her daughter is.

6. (This dialogue starts automatically when you enter camp. To be activated, you must have talked to Karen enough times before) Loren summons Elenor, saying a sword is missing from her collection and asks if the elf was cleaning them. Elenor grew fearful, briefly wondering if she misplaced the sword, then quickly deciding this couldn't happen given the care she gives to her tasks. Elenor tries to say something, but Loren orders her to find the sword.

Elenor searches the camp, but finds no trace of the sword. Elenor then goes to a nearby lake where she had gathered stones earlier. Elenor then notices Karen sitting by the banks of the lake, the missing sword in her lap. Karen whispered some words, then held up the sword. Elenor is interested in this Amazon ritual, one she never saw before. Karen then points the sword at her gut, and starts to stab. Elenor darts forward, catching the blade of the sword in her hand, stopping Karen's action.

Karen cried no with her action stymied. The queen heaved forward, while Elenor tumbled to the ground, separating the sword from Karen. Elenor cried for Karen to stop. The elf suffers a blow to the head, but retains possession of the sword. Karen is dead-set on her action, so Elenor tosses the sword into the lake. Karen looks like she wants to follow the sword, but stops in shock. Karen angrily turns on Elenor, asking how the elf could undermine her queen, accusing her of treachery.

Elenor grovels on the ground, her blood spilling on the dirt. Elenor feels worse with the queen's displeasure over any physical pain, but it was an action Elenor would repeat again; Elenor would give her life to the woman who took her in when she was a lost child. Karen furiously tells Elenor she isn't to interrupt an Amazon's last rites, and now the Great-Mothers couldn't accept her.

Karen stops, feeling stuck and lost unable to regain her honor with her suicide. Elenor staggers away from the lake, knowing she traded one of Karen's hurt for another. However, while Elenor figured she wouldn't begin to understand all the customs of the Amazons, she had no regrets for saving the queen's life.

Elenor tended her wound, then returned to the camp to inform Loren the sword was lost. Loren grew angry, asking how she could trust Elenor with the Ember Blade/Hawk Blade, or Loren's life when she couldn't tend to a sword. Karen returns, and tells Loren that Elenor is blameless, and relieve the elf's anxiety. Uncertain what happened, Loren dismisses Elenor and leaves.

Elenor huddles near the fire while Karen talks further with Loren. Then Karen returns, and says she can't forgive the elf for what she did, but understands why. Karen asked how the elf's hand is. Elenor shows it, not healing it with her magic. Karen inspects the wound, and assumes the blame for failing her cut. Elenor asks the queen why she wanted to kill herself. Karen replies she is a weakling, and death was the only path left her; the path is now gone, and she remains a weakling.

Elenor tells Karen she is no weakling; and Karen says as queen of the Amazons she must stand for their ideal. Elenor points out as queen, Karen could redefine the ideal. Karen commands Elenor not to tell Loren what transpired; and Elenor is pleased the queen is still alive, certain all she needed to do was gain her sense of self-worth once more.

[edit] Apolimesho Camp Dialogues

1. Apolimesho cautiously stared at Elenor. Frustrated, the elf approached him, and asked the wizard if he had something to say to her. Apolimesho acted like he would snarl, but sighed. Apolimesho says Elenor had a lot of never to approach the Archwizard of Grimoire. Elenor pointed out others could approach him, so why not her. Apolimesho said she knows why. Elenor replied she was raised by Amazons, not forest elves so why does he hate her. Apolimesho said he didn't hate her; his enemies don't stand for long.

2. Elenor asked Apolimesho why he was exiled from the Council of the Empire of Man. He replied Elenor knew why, that he spoke truths the Council didn't want to hear. Elenor asked what it means, does he lose his position as Archwizard. Apolimesho replied the Wizards' Guild was still in deliberation on it, but is happy the politics are usually slow. Apolimesho adds that Elenor can assure Loren that even with his ejection, he will be a major benefit to her.

3. Elenor says Apolimesho mentioned the Old War and Apolimesho guessed the elf didn't know about the Old War. Apolimesho said it was a military campaign, much like it is now, but the Elves and humans were on better terms. Apolimesho says much of the tension is manufactured by Fost, that is serves his interests to keep the two peoples divided. Apolimesho said he was not Archwizard at the time, and many wizards died during the Old War. Elenor asked if it was bad, and he said it was worse than she could imagine. Elenor admitted her morale was shaken, but Apolimesho pointed out the current allies know more about warfare, and Fost was much stronger in the past. The Death Knight must now rely on allies to accomplish his aims, and Loren's best chance would be to crush that support. Elenor then asked the wizard about Ashtran. Apolimesho said he knew both Ashtran and Tobaar from the Old War; friendship got them through the war, and hope for the future. Elenor pointed out that he didn't stay in touch with them, Apolimesho said times change and people move on, and Elenor replied that it doesn't have to be the case. Apolimesho simply replied that it didn't have to occur that way.

4. (This one occurs if you went Dora's route in Chapter 1) Elenor approaches Apolimesho, and asks if he feels bad for how he handled Draco and the Shadowmen affair. The Archwizard says he could very well have been right about Draco, and there was a lot of evidence pointed to him working for the elves, and thus Apolimesho was justified in his actions. Elenor disagrees, pointing out the wizard's own hatred blinded him to what really happened. Apolimesho simply says there is nothing more to discuss about the issue.

5. (This one occurs if you went Dora's route in Chapter 1) Elenor asks the wizard what his relationship with Amukiki is. She finds out it isn't close, but the gladiator is famous in the Empire of Man. Apolimesho says he had a deal with the Nomad, but things didn't go to plan as Loren wields the Ember Blade. Apolimesho is a little surprised that Amukiki is still loyal to the sword, even if it rejected him. However, Apolimesho does point out the Nomad's excellent combat record, and Loren should be flattered to have his oath. Elenor however wishes he stayed in Grimoire.

6. Elenor asks why Apolimesho didn't want Chambara's help. The archwizard feels the swamp witch's ways will make them slaves to Dark Magic and he won't let it happen. Elenor then asks just what is bad about Dark Magic. Apolimesho points out it is the magic of the dead, encouraged by the Death Knights, and if the Gods felt they were worth destroying, then so was their magic. Elenor doesn't see how that is evil, and the wizard says Chambara and Demons are selfish creatures, using Dark Magic at the expense of others, and to serve themselves. Elenor points out Chambara lived out in the wilds, well away from anyone. She fails to persuade Apolimesho who feels such people even when away, should still be punished.

7. Elenor asks Apolimesho for more information about the Old Age. Reluctantly, he points out it was a time period ruled by Death Knights, a world of anarchy, lawlessness, and chaos as well as a world where the undead, and immortals roamed freely, while living beings were enslaved, or 'converted'. Elenor asks if there was a time before the Old Age, and Apolimesho say there was, one created by the Gods, similar to the current world, but with much more barbaric cultures. Apolimesho says some believe a god of Inferno waged war on the gods of Elysium. He doesn't believe this himself, but there was some fault in the realms of the dead which allowed them to escape. Given their primitiveness, they were no match for the dark magic unleashed, and why the Gods created the legendary weapons like the Hawk Blade and Ember Blade. Elenor then asks could the world be overrun again, and Apolimesho says yes, especially if the threat in Everburn is given enough time to grow.

8. Apolimesho is asked what it means to be an Archwizard. He feels insulted by this question, but explains anyways. He is a member of the Council in Grimoire, which is the government for the Empire of Man, and head of all wizardry. Elenor then asks if he is the best wizard, but Apolimesho says that is a subjective opinion. Depending on the choice, Apolimesho explains while he may not be the strongest at magic, one doesn't become the master of the Wizard's Guild by being weak. Even if not the strongest, this implies other qualities may elevate one to being an Archwizard.

[edit] Sauzer Camp Dialogues

1. Elenor approachers Sauzer, and asks if he is a monk. He snarkily asks what gave it away. Elenor proceeds, asking if he came from a group called the Disciples. Sauzer says he is part of the Disciples of Truth. Elenor asks if he could tell her about them. Sauzer says the Disciples are monks dedicated to Irijo, Goddess of Truth. He says there are many reasons why people join the monks, but all take a solemn vow to cleanse the world of evil. Elenor asks what truth has to do with defeating evil. Sauzer says truth lies in reality, not the fantasy of lies. Only when one's vision is clear, can they truly see good or evil. Without Truth, everything is evil.

2. Elenor asks how long Sauzer has been atop Mount Kronos. Sauzer for as long as he was a Disciple. Elenor comments the monk implied he had only been there a short time. Sauzer says the Temple was built in the mountains, so that's where the monk has been, even if the party didn't find him there. Elenor then asks why the temple was built there. Sauzer says it's home to many tombs, but more importantly, the closest the Disciples of Truth can be to Irijo. Elenor asks if Irijo is a goddess, how she can be buried there. Sauzer says she isn't buried there, but her husband is, who was the first Master of Truth. Elenor asks how that is possible, and Sauzer replied it wasn't, except for the first Master of Truth.

3. Elenor says Sauzer mentioned someone named Irijo. Sauzer corrects the elf, saying Irijo is Goddess of Truth, and the Disciples' savior. Elenor asks why the Disciples worship her, and Sauzer says Irijo blesses the world with Truth. Sauzer elaborates Truth came first, then the Goddess. The first Master of Truth was an unarmed specialists who helped others see True Reality. Elenor asks what is True Reality, and Sauzer says its naked world.

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