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Each character has a personal quest, where they will approach Saren/Elenor and ask for a favour. During personal quests, you won't be able to use other party members. The reward for completion is a piece of unique and powerful equipment for the character in question.

If you don't complete a character's personal quest, then their future exploits won't be mentioned in the epilogue (with the exceptions of Loren, Karen, and whoever Saren/Elenor romanced).


[edit] Amukiki's Quest

Amukiki wants help in seeking a group of Nomads who have wandered outside their usual territory.

Reward: Shield of the Bear.

[edit] Apolimesho's Quest

After being caught experimenting with suspicious alchemical potions, Apolimesho orders Saren/Elenor to aid him with a secret task.

Reward: Cloak of the Fallen.

[edit] Dora's Quest

Dora wants a hand in retrieving something important she left behind in Grimoire.

Reward: Gold!

[edit] Draco's Quest

Draco needs help retrieving his lucky charm, which he left behind at the Horus Magic Academy when he was kicked out. He isn't supposed to return there, but if someone pretended to be a family member, they could claim his possessions.

Reward: Lucky Charm.

[edit] Karen's Quest

Karen wishes to gift her daughter with a rare and powerful weapon, which lies in the Chzulu Ruins.

Reward: Spear of the Ancestors.

[edit] Loren's Quest

Loren has been charged with undertaking a trial to prove her worthiness as the future Queen. She is allowed to bring along one servant to aid her, and has chosen Saren/Elenor.

Reward: Necklace of Leadership.

[edit] Myrth's Quest

Myrth is concerned that a tribe of elves within the forest has been felling more than their share of trees. She asks for help in confronting them.

Reward: Staff of Piety.

[edit] Ramas' Quest

Ramas has some family troubles back in Hammerhands, and he needs assistance in solving them.

Reward: Gemstone Axe.

[edit] Rei's Quest

Rei wants someone to help take on his latest target.

Reward: Copperleaf Crossbow.

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