Loren Story: Chapter I

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Chapter I: The Rescue


[edit] Grimoire Bound

Loren's tale starts when her mother, Queen Karen goes missing. Loren is made aware of this, as well as the fact that the greatest Amazon trackers are unable to find the queen's path. Rather than assuming the throne, Loren sets out to find her lost mother. No Amazon will lift a finger to help Loren, but she is given the aid of a slave, Elenor or Saren.

The two set forth to Grimoire on the first stretch of their journey. They come across a trussed up Draco, freeing him from his confinement, and make their way to the capital of the Empire of Man. Further exploration elicits no further help from the humans of the Empire.

As they bed for the night in a local tavern, matters take a turn for the worse. The innkeeper (Gunther) blatantly ignores Loren. Growing angry, she grabs the man, only to have him call the guards. Draco comes to their aid, and they clear the tavern of combatants.

Rather unwisely, Loren stays at the tavern. Gunther tries to make them leave, but Dora pays for their room for the night. Additionally, Loren gains Dora's aid by promising her a large reward. Loren and Elenor/Saren then bed down for the night, sharing the same room. Loren is assaulted later that evening, by Goblins. It was an illusion, and Loren had slain a large number of city guards. Loren faces a dilemma: either flee the city, or face its judgment. Draco advises the group go to the Elves, while Dora says she can get them out of any prison the city puts them in.

[edit] Run to the Elves -- Draco Path

If Loren pursues this path, she encounters a rather large group of elf guards. They are led into the city of GrandTree, and introduced to Elder Druid Myrth. Loren asks for assistance in locating her mother. Myrth says she would be glad to help, but can't do so at the moment. Myrth says some rogue Dark Elves are disturbing the forest spirits. The screams of the forest are so loud, Myrth is unable to give help.

Loren agrees to handle the problem, and Myrth joins the party. Loren spends an intimate evening with some forest nymphs, eliciting jealousy from Elenor/Saren.

The next morning, on their way to the Dark Elves Village, Loren encounters the broken down cart of Ramas. Ramas states he is the victim of a bandit attack, but he didn't want to leave his goods. Ramas is also besotted when he lays eyes upon Dora. Myrth uses her magic, and is able to right the wagon, as well as replacing the wheel. Ramas then joins the party.

The party then continues where they are ambushed by Dark Elves. Victory has Myrth reveal the antipathy the Elves bear the Dark Elves. The party continues until they come upon the Dark Elves Village on the edge of the Orcish Wastes. The eventually come upon the elder, Tobaar. Loren explains they are searching for Mesphit.

To gain his aid, Tobaar demands the party do something about the ogre Vork, and the band of orcs he leads. Loren acquiesces, and leaves the town. The party then stumble upon a nest of orcs, and Vork's Lair.

While victorious, Loren loses her blade. Searching among Vork's treasure stash, she chances upon the Hawk Blade. They return to the village where they meet Mesphit. It is revealed the ancestors of the Dark Elves made pacts with Demons, and the forest can't abide their presence. Further examination shows it isn't the Dark Elves in general, but Mesphit alone who is causing destruction to the forest. Mesphit reveals his demonic power, and attacks the party.

Victory shows the party granting mercy to Mesphit, healing him of his injuries. A little time passes, where Tobaar is told to remove Mesphit from the village, while Tobaar asks Myrth asked for an alliance, and the end of the Dark Elves exile.

Myrth enacts her divination, and reveals Loren's mother traveled north into the Unforgiving Swamp and in the company of a man. Loren assumes this man to have kidnapped her mother. Loren immediately sets off to find her mother, while Myrth tells Elenor/Saren that the wielder of the Hawk Blade is destined to change the world in great, and significant ways.

It is at this point Rei makes himself known. Rei is quite irritated that his quarry, Mesphit was denied him. Instead, he forces himself into the party. Loren allows this to happen, eager to go after her mother.

[edit] Incarceration -- Dora Path

If you follow Dora's path, you surrender to the guards. The party then finds themselves locked in a prison cell. Freedom is not forthcoming as Dora found the locks much more difficult than she expected. The party turns on itself when Loren brings the bicker to a stop, and informs them she isn't going to stay confined any longer. She has a simplistic plan to escape when Apolimesho appears.

Apolimesho says the Loren will earn the town's forgiveness if she helps him acquire the Ember Blade on Mount Kronos. Elenor/Saren voices their doubt of the plan since it is deep in elven territory. Apolimesho thinks the Elves would let them pass unmolested since it would be a group of mixed races.

Loren declines this offer, and Apolimesho sweetens the deal by saying he could help her find Queen Karen after the mission is finished. Loren agrees to this offer. Apolimesho then says he will accompany the party on their mission.

The party leaves the next morning, skirting the edges of elven territory. While they kept a close eye out for danger, they reached Mount Kronos without incident.

Making their way up Mount Kronos, the party encounters an overturned cart, and a dangerous looking dwarf, Ramas. At first it seems conflict is inevitable until Ramas realizes the party just wants to continue on its way. Things proceed peacefully until Ramas notices Dora for the first time. Apolimesho offers to hire Ramas to help the party, but Ramas joins for free, partially out of gratitude, and partially due to the Dora's presence.

The party then continues on their way where they are ambushed by Snow Orcs. When the party finally makes camp, they find Draco is missing. Apolimesho accuses Draco of being a spy. Ramas comments about how both sides employ spies and traitors to each side.

Draco returns, and Apolimesho confronts the young mage, accusing him of being a spy. Before matters escalate, the party is attacked by Shadowmen. After the fight, Apolimesho then entangles Draco in a coil of light. The archwizard accuses Draco of treachery, but some of the other party members face Apolimesho since he didn't exactly look for evidence to lay at Draco's feet.

Apolimesho rebuts this, pointing out that Shadowmen can only appear at the call of their master's crystal. A search of Draco's belongings reveal such a crystal. Apolimesho enchants Draco further, forcing him to recite his secrets. Draco reveals he doesn't find Loren attractive, as well as the fact he wants to be friends with the other party members. As for the crystal, Draco doesn't know where it came from.

Apolimesho reaches the conclusion that someone wanted to start a war; if the crystal had been discovered while in elven lands, the Elves would slay the party out of hand. And if Apolimesho was slain, the Empire of Man would go to war for the death of the archwizard of the Council of Elders of Grimoire.

Loren destroys the crystal, and the party continues on their way. Reaching the top of Mount Kronos, they encounter Sauzer. Loren draws her sword, challenging the monk, but Sauzer laughs it off. He was meditating before the party's interruption. Further dialogue reveals Sauzer figures the party is after the Ember Blade.

Sauzer says he isn't a threat, but the necromancers infesting the crypt will be. The monk cautions the group to not rush, and won't let them enter the crypt until the party can prove its strength. First, the party must defeat a group of goblins the next valley over. Second, the party must defeat Sauzer and some of his monks back at the Temple of Truth.

With their victories, the party then enters the crypt, and encounters Skeletons and the necromancer controlling them. Eventually, the group came upon a small atrium. They see a sword lying on a stone slab, sunlight pouring down on it from the ceiling.

Loren picks up the sword, and is surrounded by a glow. Apolimesho lets slip that only one found worthy by the Gods may wield the blade. Loren states the sword must be mistaken, disbelieving the stories of those chosen for greatness.

Exiting the crypt, Loren then tells Apolimesho he must hold up his end of the bargain and gives him the wizard the Ember Blade. The wizard reveals he already knew the whereabouts of Loren's mother. Loren is angry at being used, but lets it slide. Apolimesho reveals Karen was seen outside Grimoire in the company of a man, heading toward the Unforgiving Swamp.

Apolimesho says the party should return to Grimoire first so they deliver the information about the Shadowmen crystal.

The party then returns to Grimoire and rests for the night. The next morning, they are stopped by the city's guards. Apolimesho joins them once more, accompanied by Amukiki. Loren comments they parted ways after shave gave Apolimesho the sword.

The archwizard gives Loren the sword once more, saying their paths must join once more. He reveals the crystal could only have come from the Everburn Mountains, implicating the Demons in stirring up a war. Apolimesho further explains when he went to retrieve the sword, it was for the defense of the Empire. The archwizard then says only the most worthy may wield the sword.

The Council had hoped to give the weapon to the Empire's greatest warrior, Amukiki, but the blade didn't respond to the gladiator's touch. Reluctantly, Amukiki gave Loren the sword. Once in her hands, it started to glow once more.

Then, in a surprise to all gathered, Amukiki pledged his service to Loren, the wielder of the Ember Blade. Elenor/Saren feels a tinge of jealousy at this declaration. Amukiki now formally joins the party, and Apolimesho does so as well, in service to the chosen of the gods.

Elenor/Saren, and Draco voice some opposition to their joining, but Loren overrules them, saying if they don't slow her down, they are welcome.

The party may then go to the Unforgiving Swamp.

[edit] Everburn Cutscene 1

(This occurs in the middle of both the Draco Path, and the Dora Path)

A cut scene appears, which introduces the Death Knight Fost, and his servants Jul. Jul reveals Karen has been taken care of per Fost's order. Grob then appears, stating Loren has been slain as well. Jul gleefully reveals Grob's error. Grob dismisses this news, stating that his plans to cause war between the elves and humans will continue apace, and Loren will be caught up in the center of it.

[edit] The Unforgiving Swamps

Note: There is a slight difference in dialogue whether one had gone Dora's path, or Draco's path, but both are essentially the same.

Upon entering the swamps, the group are attacked by Lizardmen. After defeating their foe, the party has the opportunity to rearm itself. Entering the swamps once more, they see a house in the distance, Chambara's Hut. Entering the house reveals a giant scorpion which immediately attacks them.

Victory causes the creature to pull back, and change shape into the swamp witch, Chambara. If present, Myrth wishes to purify the witch of Dark Magic, but Chambara refuses. If Apolimesho is present, he says Chambara must be imprisoned for the good of all, which Chambara refuses. Loren intervenes, saying she has no problem with Chambara. Loren then states she is looking for her mother in the swamp. Chambara uses her magic, and establishes Loren is telling the truth.

Loren tells Chambara if the witch casts another unwarranted spell, the Amazon would remove the witch's head. Loren then asks Chambara if she could help locate her mother in return of a reward. Chambara says she will give assistance, just as long as the party leaves the swamp after finishing their goal. Chambara relays she has a potion which can lead Loren to her destination, but she needs one key ingredient: the tooth of a Lizardman King. The only place to find this king is the Chzulu Ruins.

After fighting waves of Lizardmen, the party comes across a room which is being prepared for a dark ritual. The party quickly dispatches the last of the Lizardmen. It is here Loren discovers her mother Karen, and the remains of her mother's slave Ryzom. The group is attacked by the Lizardman King. After defeating their foes, Loren then frees her mother.

Loren realizes her mother was intimate with her slave, and this is the reason why they left. Loren realizes her mother fled to protect the princess from her own desires. The party gives Ryzom a funeral pyre, but Loren is left feeling even more distant from Karen than ever before. Loren leaves the swamps, a slight crack casting doubt on some of the Amazon beliefs, especially regarding love and relationships. The party then turns back to the forest.

[edit] Everburn Cutscene 2

The game shifts to another cutscene in Everburn. Fost is angry to learn Loren has a God-Blade. He wants to know whether it glowed in her hands or not. Jul is unsure if it did, but does state the Amazon princess does own it.

Grob appears, wounded, confirming the blade did indeed glow. Fost grows furious with this news. Fost threatens to punish both for their incompetence. Fost is somewhat assuaged as Grob tells him a great war between humans and elves has erupted, stirred up by Grob's influence.

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