Loren Story: Chapter II

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Chapter II: World At War


[edit] Citadel Bound

Chapter 2 starts with Loren leading her party out of the Unforgiving Swamp. Before going far, Chambara appears in a flash of magic, and asks where the party is headed. Loren says she had no need of the witch's services, and Chambara says she already knew that. She knew already knew the Lizardmen had captured a man and woman, and assumed it was Loren's mother.

Most of the party is outraged, but Chambara points out she didn't know who the two people were, wouldn't have been able to rescue them by herself, and most people stay safe by minding their own business anyways. Loren then asks why didn't Chambara just tell her about her mother directly, rather than hiding it in an item hunt. Chambara replies it is simply her way.

After some minor name-calling, Chambara then reveals why she is there. She warns the party the Elves and Humans are at war once more. Accusatory glances are given by the humans or elves in the party, if appropriate. Apolimesho/Myrth say the other side must have started the war since their own army wouldn't have invaded without good reason. Chambara confirms there is something wrong about the war. Apolimesho/Myrth cast distrustful aspersions at the swamp witch's direction, and she leaves.

Apolimesho/Myrth try to convince Loren to follow them, but she stands firm, saying she is going home to Citadel. Apolimesho and Amukiki/Myrth and Rei leave, going home to find out more about the war.

Before they reach Amazon land, the party must face human and/or elf forces in battle. However, this proves little impediment.

[edit] Delegations

They arrive back at the Citadel, and the Amazons kneel for their returning royalty. Karen then announces she will relinquish her throne in a season to her daughter, who has proven her strength and fitness to rule. This takes Loren by surprise. Loren tries to get her mother to reconsider, but Karen will not be dissuaded. Karen says she is weak, but Loren will be strong.

Breza interrupts, saying a delegation is waiting in the throne room. In fact, there are two: a delegation from the humans (Apolimesho and Amukiki) and an elven delegation (Myrth and Rei), both seeking an alliance with Loren. The rival groups, laying eyes upon the other, attack. Loren and Elenor/Saren angrily separate them, warning that if they continue, she will eradicate them.

Then, Myrth/Apolimesho reveals the war was actually started by an outside party. Goblin bodies were found where human/elf bodies were expected. Further analysis reveals illusion magic was used, magic used by the demons of the Everburn Mountains. It is concluded Fost must ultimately be responsible, though it was assumed the Death Knight wouldn't return from his previous defeat.

Unfortunately, the ruling bodies of the Empire of Man and the Elves are eager to go to war, refusing to consider they were manipulated. Myrth and Apolimesho agree they must come to a truce of some kind. They again turn to Loren, asking her stand with them. Loren digs in her feet, refusing to be committed just because of some so-called God Sword. She then throws the weapon to the ground. The delegates are aghast, but Loren says she will not let a sword run her life, and any of the others are welcome to it.

Seeing her strength of will, the delegates consider asking Karen to lead the armies. Knowing how suicidal her mother is, and after Elenor's/Saren's plea, Loren reluctantly takes up the blade and vows to defeat the Demons.

As the Amazons are neutral to both sides, the Citadel is designated as the main base of operations. The delegates are then given a formal Amazon welcome, and bonding between the sides begins. Rei and Amukiki engage in some male-bonding, while Ramas leaves Draco hanging.

Apolimesho and Myrth finish hammering out the details of the peace accord. They state they will have to leave, and make the ruling bodies of each nation aware of the agreement. Loren is told she will have to visit each one as soon as she can.

Before leaving, Loren then elevates Elenor/Saren to her second-in-command. Myrth and Apolimesho then give them tokens to visit their respective nations, leaving Amukiki and Rei to travel with Loren.

Breza then appears, suggesting Loren might call on a few other allies she's met in her travels. She mentions the Dark Elves in the Orcish Wastes. Elenor/Saren mentions Sauzer, as well Chambara.

[edit] Gathering Allies

Note: You can gather the allies in any order, as well as visit GrandTree or Grimoire.

Recruiting Chambara (This also counts as Chambara's personal quest)

The first step to recruit Chambara is to visit her hut in the swamps. Elenor/Saren knock on the door, but get no answer. Pushing the door open, they find the hut is completely empty. The party leaves once more when Rei finds a set of footprints going further into the swamp.

Following the tracks, they come upon a campfire. They see a man with a large sword, Raven, speaking to a Giant Snake giant snake trapped in a cage. The snake turns into a giant scorpion. Raven taunts the caged animal further, and Chambara resumes her human form.

Loren appears, ordering the man to let the swamp witch loose. After some dialogue, Raven realizes he is outnumbered and flees. The party goes to release Chambara, but the witch manages to let herself loose. The party asks why she didn't release herself sooner, but Chambara says she was simply letting Raven think he had the upper-hand, so she could exploit it later.

Chambara turns to go back home, and Loren asks the witch to join her army. Chambara says no, much to Loren's irritation. More disagreement occurs as Loren and Elenor/Saren try to come up with reasons for Chambara to join. Chambara eventually relents, but says she will join under a single condition: the party must deal with Raven.

The next scene for this event takes place in the town of Lothark. The party doesn't have to search hard as they are pointed toward the local tavern. Chambara recommends killing him right then and there, but Elenor/Saren disagrees, saying they may be able to convince Raven to leave Chambara alone.

Chambara turns into a small, black cat and enters the tavern with the party. They see a barmaid douse Raven with a beer after he swatted her rear. He leaves the tavern, not seeming to notice he is being followed.

They come upon his encampment outside the city, and he greets them, showing the party's stealth was for naught. Loren prepares for an attack, but Elenor/Saren rushes forward, and tries to convince Raven to leave Chambara alone. The conversation continues as Elenor/Saren tries to figure out the following reasons:

1. Why Raven hunts witches.

2. Why Raven acts rudely to women.

3. Why Raven needs to leave Chambara alone.

Elenor/Saren has a choice of answers, but the following are the ones to peacefully navigate Raven's dialogue.

1. Fortune

2. Bad Relationships

3. Chambara is necessary.

However, if combat occurs, Raven is joined by some brigands and dark elves.

Either way, success gets Chambara's reluctant assistance, as well as admiring Elenor/Saren .

Recruiting Sauzer (This also counts as Sauzer's personal quest.)

The first step requires the party to visit the Truth Temple. After reaching its location on a mountain summit,Elenor/Saren and Loren are escorted inside. Sauzer approaches, and Loren quickly relates the reason they are there. Sauzer grimaces, and orders two lower monks to assemble the Disciples in the training hall. Then he tells Loren the monks won't fight for her.

Loren is surprised by this response, but Sauzer explains the monks have their hands tied. It turns out Mount Kronos is a veritable playground for the undead, and the monks are the main force which keeps it in check. Loren says there is a greater danger, but Sauzer disagrees. The monks have taken a vow not to leave until the undead are slain.

Elenor/Saren then asks, if the party takes care of the undead, would the monks give their aid then. Sauzer says no, revealing that even if slain once, the undead keep rising. But while the monks, as a whole, won't go, Sauzer is able to give the party his aid.

Loren expresses disbelief by the help of a lone monk, but Sauzer assures her his presence is more than sufficient. However, to do that, Loren must help him empty the Tomb of Twilight. Loren wishes to go immediately, but Sauzer advises her to spend the night.

When ready, head to the Tomb of Twilight, and Sauzer will join your group. A blizzard rages, but Sauzer quickly finds the entrance. The smell of rotting flesh assaults the party's nostrils. Sauzer mentions the undead are usually more numerous on the mountains. A large crack echoes through the corridor, and the party races to it source. There, they come across some foreign-tongued monks who have brought forth undead to do battle.

After the fight, the party asks Sauzer if their foes were some of his monks. Sauzer says no, just that they were death cultists, and every so often they make their way into the crypts to perform certain rituals. This also explains the missing undead, Sauzer explains, for the cultists have some other plan in mind.

The party presses forward into the tunnel, finding more cultists and undead to fight. Sauzer discovers some books, and realizes the cultists were going to try to resurrect something. He refuses to tell the party just what they planned on raising, though. Advancing once more, the group comes across a large gathering of cultists in the middle of a ritual. The party defeats the cultists, but not in time to stop the summoning.

The magical circles sizzle, and a lich rises to face the party. Sauzer accepts the challenge, and the party engages the Lich King.

The lich dissolves into dust when defeated. Sauzer says the lich came from The Old Age, and potentially as deadly as Fost.

Sauzer is pleased to report he can join the party on a more permanent basis, and he could loan some additional monks to Loren's great army.

[edit] Regaining Myrth

The party enters GrandTree, Myrth's flower granting them passage. The humans are disguised in heavy robes for safety's sake. Myrth is glad to see the party, but bears bad news. The Elven Elders still believe the humans started the war. Amukiki is surprised by the hatred the Elders hold, but Myrth counters with the Empire of Man's own extermination efforts.

Myrth further explains the Elders believe the Demons are incapable of such a plan. Myrth pointed out that Fost has returned, but the Elders didn't believe it. After all, Fost was defeated, his armor entombed, and sealed away permanently. Elenor/Saren asks did the seals fail, and Myrth acknowledges it is very possible.

Loren is dismayed, but asks what would it take to get the Elders' alliance. Myrth replies they would need proof of Fost's return. The party decides they need to find Apolimesho as he said he knew how the Death Knight was defeated the first time.

[edit] Regaining Apolimesho

The party enters Grimoire, Apolimesho's medallion granting them passage. The party's elves are detained in a jail cell, while Loren goes to meet the Archwizard.

If you play as Elenor:

Elenor is surprised, but pleased by how possessive Loren is. While the Amazon is away, Elenor reflects how at the start she was just a slave, but now she feels like an integral part of the party. She isn't pleased to be kept in a cell. That's when Elenor notices Draco and Rei sharing the same cell. Elenor then grumbles about how she should be by Loren's side. Rei shows his own lock-picking skills, and opens the cell door.

The group goes to the wizard's tower. They see it is heavily guarded, but Rei easily scales the side. Elenor follows the assassin up the wall, and climbed through an open window. Elenor couldn't keep up with Rei, and in fact scolded him for moving to fast. They stumble upon a conversation in progress.


Apolimesho says he had as little luck with his people as Myrth did hers. He calls the Council vain, greedy politicians with no interest to help the nation. He also reveals he is no longer a councilman, having been discharged from his position. If Apolimesho was to continue pushing his issue, he would be imprisoned for treason.

Apolimesho then says he understands Council's vigiliance, but this time they are wrong. Loren asks what course of action is left, and Apolimesho states she should talk to the army generals. If she can get them on her side, the rest of the Empire will follow suit.

The Archwizard says Loren should seek out General Ashtran and General Samael, approaching Ashtran first. Unfortunately, Apolimesho doesn't know where Ashtran currently is, and the loss of his rank means such information is inaccessible to him. The Archwizard further states both he and Ashtran fought Fost in The Old War. The Archwizard speaks of Ashtran in glowing terms, and if the party can prove the Elves aren't the enemy, then Ashtran won't go to war.

The conversation then changes over to how Fost was defeated the first time. Myrth says the elven Elders will need proof his Fost's reincarnation. Apolimesho says that might be tough to prove since Fost's spirit resides in a suit of armor. The pieces were separated, and only by bringing them together once more could Fost be summoned back into Aravorn. Furthermore, the armor itself is indestructible.

Loren is angered to find the great plan to prevent Fost's return was to keep each piece of armor separated. Apolimesho is a bit affronted, saying the victors did all they could to seal away the Death Knight. However good the method used, Fost is moving once more, and Myrth reaffirms the Elders' need for solid proof.

Apolimesho says the party could always visit on of the tombs for further proof Fost is free once more.

Elenor/Saren asks are the Elders going to travel with the party, but Rei says it isn't necessary. Myrth can use her powers of far-sight to share her vision with that of the Elders. Myrth confirms this aspect of her ability. Apolimesho accedes to this request, but gets aggravated when Myrth reluctantly says the Elders insist each tomb be visited. However, while Myrth may share her senses, the Elders must still decide to end the war.

[edit] Generals Persuasion - Ashtran

As with other parts of this chapter, you could do this quest before the others.

General Ashtran

The first general, Ashtran, may be found in Horus, on the outskirts of the warzone. Loren introduces herself, but Ashtran instantly recognizes Apolimesho, calling him Polimo. The general and wizard share a moment, and then Apolimesho asks for a favor. Ashtran says the wizard may ask him anything, and Apolimesho asks the general to end the war.

The general's countenance turns to ice, and says the Archwizard asks too me. Apolimesho tries to calm the general, saying he wouldn't ask this if it wasn't really important. Ashtran stubbornly refuses to listen. Then Myrth steps forward, expressing her own disgust, stating she is there in peace. Ashtran stopped reaching for his sword, and there was a slight hesitation in his certainty of the elves' guilt.

The general says he can't believe Apolimesho would betray the empire. The archwizard says it isn't betrayal since the Demons started the war. Ashtran hesitates once more, revealing the elves killed his son. Apolimesho tries to get through the man's grief, pointing out he shouldn't blame the group for the actions of one elf. Myrth then asks if there is anything she could do to prove her their good intentions.

Ashtran leaves the tent, not answering the Druid. The party would have to find some other way to get his approval.

Dark Elves Village

The party enters the Dark Elves Village. Myrth tenses up as she is essentially walking in enemy territory. Dora identifies the blue elves as Dark Elves, and Draco asks why they live in the desert. Myrth explains the dark-skinned elves are there because the aren't allowed in the forest.

That's when the party notices the Dark Elves are carrying armor and weapons, as well as forest elves directing them. This takes Myrth by surprise. One of the forest elves says the Elders have granted the Dark Elves amnesty if they fight for the Elves. This comes as a surprise since the Dark Elves had been banished for the pact their ancestors had made a 1000 years earlier.

Tobaar shuffles forward, asking the party their business. Myrth is surprised to see the Dark Elf Elder will be fighting as well. The Elder states that if this ends the exile, he would fight war upon war. Some party members point out many Dark Elves will get hurt, even killed. This doesn't bother Tobaar figuring it is better to die than remain exiled.

Apolimesho says the group should respect Tobaar's decision. Tobaar's expression improves as he notices the Archwizard. The Dark Elf views the Archwizard as a friend, and it turns out the two fought in The Old War together, and with Ashtran. Tobaar considers Ashtran a friend, having rescued the general from the Orcish Wastes.

Elenor/Saren suggests bringing Tobaar to Ashtran, hoping the general may remember not all elves are bad. Loren agrees with this course of action.

Tobaar's Request

Tobaar then reveals his son Mesphit is missing. Myrth is dismayed as the Elder was told to keep his son under watch. The Dark Elf Elder reveals several people were injured during his son's escape. Tobaar didn't realize his son was capable of such actions. Rei is eager to go on the hunt once more, but Myrth quickly quashes this reaction. Tobaar meanwhile begs for mercy for his son.

Myrth says if Mesphit is a threat to others, he can't be allowed to live. Tobaar calls Rei compassionless for his desire to kill Mesphit, while Rei says he has no respect for demon sympathizers. Rei continues, saying Mesphit must have made a deal with demons, and wants to destroy the forest. Tobaar disagrees, saying while Mesphit made a deal with demons, he is not in league with them.

Tobaar wishes news of his son, only knowing Mesphit had spoke of the Cyclopes earlier. Loren says they will find Mesphit, but if he is corrupted, he may be slain like any other deal. Tobaar doesn't like this announcement, but grudgingly agrees to this.

Returning to Ashtran

The party returns to Ashtran. He eyes them warily, figuring Myrth is there to tell him lies once more. Myrth counters this assertion, saying the Dark Elves are going to fight with the Elves, including his friend Tobaar. Nostalgia overtakes Ashtran briefly. The general asks if the Dark Elf is still alive. Myrth confirms he is, as well as the fact he will fight on behalf of the Elves.

Myrth presses home the point that she wouldn't like to see the General or the Elder die, that all should lay down their arms. Apolimesho then asks Ashtran if he could take the life of a man who had saved the general several times. Ashtran says he would like to meet Tobaar before making any other decision. Ashtran can't promise to end the war, but still wants to meet his friend.

Myrth agrees, but says Ashtran has to go meet Tobaar. She can cloak the general to keep him safe from the forest. Ashtran agrees, and leaves immediately with a few guards. Myrth was able to disguise everyone from detection by the forest.

When they reached the area where the grass turned to sand, Tobaar was there to greet them. Ashtran and Tobaar gave each other an enthusiastic greeting. Then Ashtran noticed the Elder's armor. Tobaar apologizes, explaining his peoples' exile will be over with the aid of the Dark Elves.

Ashtran asks why the Dark Elves aren't in the forest right now. It is explained to the general the Dark Elves were exiled from the forest. Tobaar says they are victims of prejudice, but Rei points out the Dark Elves have killed more Elves than the Empire did. Further arguing continues when a monstrous shriek interrupts the fight. Myrth falls to the ground in pain, and demonic creatures materialize, engaging the party in battle.

The party recovers from battle, but Myrth is still in pain. Loren asks the pertinent question of just how the Demons were able to get so close without being detected. Ashtran wonders why the demons were there at all, and Apolimesho reaffirms his point the Demons are behind the conflict.

Ashtran then asks Tobaar if he truly believes the Elves didn't start the war. Tobaar says yes, the Demons are the ones behind the war, and urges Ashtran to ally with Loren. Tobaar then admits the demons corrupted his own son.

Ashtran grips Tobaar's shoulder in sympathy, saying the Demons will pay, and gaining Loren her first Empire of Man general.

As per his promise, Ashtran withdrew his troops and supported the peace treaty between humans and elves, leaving General Samael to convince.

[edit] Generals Persuasion - Samael

You may find the general, Samael, in the city of Lothark. Loren and her party are escorted to the general's tent, and even that wouldn't have been possible without Ashtran's help. The guards interrogate the party, and eventually grant an audience. Only Loren, Amukiki, and Apolimesho are allowed in.

Samael at first doesn't know why the group is there, but when he spies Apolimesho, he orders the archwizard to leave. Apolimesho says he is glad his reputation precedes him, but it is the wrong one. Samael acts with greater hostility, but Apolimesho stays the course, saying he has news Samael must hear.

Loren interrupts, saying Samael's enemy is not who he thinks it is. Samael asks who Loren is, and Apolimesho mentions her name and station. Samael's vitriol increases, saying he won't allow himself to be castrated.

Loren kicks a table in anger, and is about to draw her swords when Apolimesho steps forward. Samael recognizes the Nomad,and asks if Amukiki changed his mind to join the army. Apolimesho says no, that Amukiki stands with the party. This takes Samael by surprise.

Amukiki corroborates, the archwizard's words, saying Demons started the war. Samael mulls over this fact for a little bit, then asks who is now leading the demonic horde. Apolimesho says it is Fost once more. Samael is surprised, saying they had crushed the Death Knight before. The archwizard says Fost is returned, and Samael looks toward Amukiki for confirmation. Samael then says his army will crush Fost and the Elves both.

Loren says the general must stop, and ally with the Elves against the forces of Everburn. Amukiki then says the Demons are too powerful, and only by fighting together can Aravorn be saved. While Samael respects Amukiki, he says his army is more than strong enough to handle the job. Then he says if the party is done insulting his generalship, orders the party to leave.

Once outside, Apolimesho says Samael will be a fool with is decision. Amukiki states Samael believes he has the strongest army, his triumph is inevitable. Loren then asks just what they can do to convince Samael. Apolimesho suggests going to Everburn's mountains, and bring back proof of the Demon's strength.

So, the party heads to Everburn and encounters a large number of demons just on its boundary. The demons attack in three consecutive waves, but the party proves itself victorious by collecting 10 samples. Once the party has their trophies, they can return to Lothark once more, and see General Samael.

Apolimesho and Amukiki enter the tent once more, and shows their collection of demon parts. Loren impatiently waits outside. Elenor/Saren asks if this will convince Samael. Loren hopes so, and says if he doesn't, the party may have to kill him. When Apolimesho and Amukiki return, the archwizard says Samael recognizes the strength of the demons, and will withdraw from the war with the Elves. However, the party's victory is credited to Amukiki. Loren thanks the gladiator for his help, but it is evident she is uncomfortable doing so.

[edit] Recruiting Mesphit

To start this, enter the area labeled Cyclopes on the map.

The last known whereabouts of Mesphit was in the hunting grounds of the Cyclopes. Between his tracking skills, and knowledge of the dark elf, Rei was able to confirm where Mesphit was headed. They traveled into a distant canyon when they saw a single Cyclops. It noticed the party before it could leave.

The ground shook as the Cyclops approached the party. It starts to attack with a roar, when a greater roar stopped it in its tracks. A shadowy figure appeared, and attacked the Cyclops. The Cyclops ran away, while the figure faced the party. It looked like a mix of beast, and Dark Elf.

Mesphit faced the party in a battle stance, while Rei took aim at the Demonblood. Elenor/Saren rushed towards the dark elf, ruining Rei's shot. Elenor/Saren confronted Mesphit. The possessed dark elf snarled, and Elenor/Saren smacked him. The dark elf reels back with a growl, and Elenor/Saren proceeds along, stating Mesphit deserves to be punished for all the trouble he is causing.

This tirade causes Mesphit to regain control, returning back to his normal dark elf form. Elenor/Saren is pulled away by Loren, and the princess threatens the dark elf. Loren says his terror will end, while Mesphit grows afraid. Elenor/Saren is surprised Loren moves to kill Mesphit, but Apolimesho and Rei concur with this decision. Rei then adds this was the decision Mesphit wanted.

Mesphit interjects, saying he didn't want to be turned into a Demon. Mesphit explains a demoness gave him this power, and he had no ability to say no. Loren wavers in her course of action. Karen intervenes, pointing out since he wasn't born in Everburn, and part of him must still be uncorrupted.

Mesphit growls the party shouldn't talk about him as if he isn't there. Loren asserts her authority, saying his survival is up to her. This threat stirs the demon soul within Mesphit once more. The party waited to see just what Mesphit was going to do, and then he quickly bolted into the desert. Rei takes a shot, but misses. The party then gives chase.

The party slowed to catch their breath, while Elenor/Saren heard something to their side. Elenor/Saren crept up to the rocks when Mesphit dragged them to the ground, covering their mouth. Mesphit asks Elenor/Saren whether he is demon or elf. Mesphit's body shook with uncertainty, but his eyes were clear. Elenor/Saren removed the dark elf's hand and said he isn't a demon. Mesphit calmed down, and tended to the arrow in his leg (a successful shot by Rei).

Elenor/Saren stopped Mesphit from worsening the wound, and healed it with their magic. Mesphit looked ready to leave, but Elenor/Saren they couldn't let him go. Mesphit then told Elenor/Saren to kill him. Elenor/Saren said no, saying the dark elf will go back to Tobaar.

Mesphit says no. Elenor/Saren asks why, and Mesphit says he isn't done. That's when the rest of the party arrive, looking for Elenor/Saren. Mesphit says he must kill someone, but doesn't say who. The rest of the party arrives, Amukiki subduing the dark elf, Rei keeping his crossbow trained on him.

Elenor/Saren tries to get the party to put away the weapons, pointing out Mesphit's demon self grows angry when his self-preservation is threatened. Rei says the party would be better off killing the dark elf, but Elenor/Saren say he promised to go back to Tobaar. Mesphit offers a different course of action, allowing him to kill the ettin Dromzak and he'll return to the desert.

Ramas asks who is Dromzak. Apolimesho says it is a famous Ettin who has been terrorizing the trade routes, and there is a bounty on its head. The archwizard doesn't know how Mesphit knows of the bounty, or why he would seek to claim it. Loren then asks Mesphit why he wants the ettin's head.

Mesphit says it is for sport, to sate his inner demon's bloodlust. Chambara explains further that when a demon decides to take blood, they must act on it. Elenor/Saren then offer to help Mesphit if he promises to go back to Tobaar afterward. Mesphit nods in agreement.

Some of the party talk about whether they really should go after the bounty, but Rei still advocates killing the dark elf. Loren says no to this course of action. Loren then says the party will help Mesphit, but in return he must go back to the Dark Elves Village.

Elenor/Saren is surprised by Loren's compassion.

The next step requires the party to step into the Cyclopes territory. A smile crosses Mesphit's face, and he formally joins the party. Myrth asks the dark elf whether it is necessary to slay all they encounter. Apolimesho agrees with the Archdruid, saying the Cyclopes are more intelligent than most give them credit for. Rei interjects, stating the one-eyed giants have been attacking caravans.

Dora pipes in, saying there is a bounty on the head of the ettin Dromzak. Then Elenor/Saren notices Mesphit head off at a run. The party thinks he is running away initially, but he is on the trail of some prey. A Cyclops stood in the dark elf's path. Mesphit turned into his Demonblood form and attacked, the party supporting his course of action.

Elenor/Saren tries to grab Mesphit, but the dark elf evades. Elenor/Saren angrily points out it isn't Dromzak, but Mesphit simply growls back. Loren realizes Mesphit will wipe out the Cyclopes colony for an uncontrolled bloodlust, and she won't let him do that. Rei supports this decision, when the party is attacked by a small group of Cyclopes.

Emerging victorious, Draco and Myrth express disgust and rage at the continuous bloodshed, while Amukiki says the slaughter brings no honor. Ramas has no qualms with the decimation, while Elenor/Saren confront Mesphit, saying he is only allowed to attack the ettin. Mesphit wandered off, Elenor/Saren unsure whether the dark elf heeded their instruction.

Mesphit then encountered more Cyclopes. A few tense minutes passed, then the dark elf continued on his way. Eventually, they come across an ettin actually grazing in a field. Mesphit rushed to attack. Loren directs the party to do the same.

When the party emerges victorious, Mesphit then jumps on Dromzak's body, desecrating the corpse. Loren doesn't know what is happening since the foe is dead, but Chambara points out that the fight was one step of satisfying the bloodlust, and the desecration was the second part. Eventually Mesphit regains his senses. Mesphit is unnerved at what he has become. Loren then said Mesphit was to return to his father.

Mesphit asks if his violent cravings will continue, and Chambara answers yes, they will. Rei argues Mesphit is too uncontrollable to go back. Elenor/Saren argues with Rei, and then Loren surprisingly says they will follow Elenor/Saren's decision in this matter.

Elenor/Saren decides the dark elf will live, at least until he is returned to Tobaar. Elenor/Saren then states that for the safety of all, Mesphit will need constant supervision. Loren asks if Elenor/Saren is sure, but the slave agrees to take on the role of Mesphit's jailer.

Loren then speaks directly to Mesphit, informing him if he gets out of line, he will be slain instantly.

Upon returning to the Dark Elves Village, Tobaar and Mesphit come together. Mesphit goes to apologize, but Tobaar cuts him off, saying that he wouldn't know what he would do if his son died. The party left for a while, giving the father and son some time alone. Then, Mesphit and Tobaar returned to the group. Tobaar thanks the party for the return of his son, confirming that his son is in fact going with the party.

Loren says this is the case, while Karen says this is probably the best for all involved. Tobaar thanks the party, and asks them to keep his son safe. This puzzles Mesphit, the Demonblood saying he is more than capable of doing so by himself. A brief epilogue says that while Mesphit would ask his father for help, the Dark Elf elder left Mesphit in Loren's care, though the two would reunite in the future.

[edit] Crypt Search


The first crypt is simply labeled Crypt on the map. It is the resting place of Fost's helmet, and lies south of the Everburn and north of Truth Temple.

As they approach, the party encounters thick dust and cobwebs. Loren wonders whether the crypt has been disturbed at all. Apolimesho uses his magic to open the door, and the smell of rotting flesh assaults the nostrils of the party. He opines the bodies must be cursed because they were quite dead when laid there. Loren tells Myrth to ready herself as a conduit to the Elven elders. A few minutes pass as Myrth closes her eyes. When she establishes contact, her eyes blaze with a bright, white light. The party goes into the crypt, the druid's glowing eyes lighting up the way.

After fighting through two waves of necromancers and other undead, the party makes its way to the final resting spot of Fost's helmet. Light falls from hole in the ceiling, highlighting an empty altar. Apolimesho confirms the helmet is gone.

Draco quips it could just be floating by itself. Apolimesho reinforces the fact the entire armor needs to be brought together for Fost's return, but the helmet is the most dangerous part. Myrth then says the Elven Elders accept the disappearance of the helmet, but insist on verifying the status of the other armor pieces. This frustrates Apolimesho, and the party leaves the crypt.

Crypt II

The second crypt is south of Grimoire, and west of GrandTree. It is the resting place of Fost's breastplate.

Upon entering, the party is attacked by Necromancers, Shadowmen, and other undead. The party finds the stone altar at the end, and Fost's breastplate is gone.

Elenor/Saren asks if grave-robbers were possible, Loren says it is possible, but Ramas says only dwarves were traveling in that area. Dora says she would steal something if it was shiny enough, and the elven elders agree via Myrth.

Apolimesho scoffs about the likelihood, certain in the other pieces being gone. Elenor/Saren adds that even if the parts were stolen by simple thieves, this would mean Fost could still return. Loren comments that such fine armor would have been noticed, especially on a commoner. Apolimesho denies this possibility, saying no pieces have been spotted outside the tombs, implying Fost has them. Either way, the Elders are still not satisfied, and the part proceeds to the next crypt.

Crypt III

The third crypt is located directly north of Horus. It is the resting place of Fost's gauntlets.

Upon entering, the party is attacked by graverobbers. Victory allows them to pass through a dusty tunnel, leading to an altar where the Deathlord's gauntlets once rested. Rei asks if the gloves could have rolled away, and Loren suggests looking behind the altar. Needless to say, the gauntlets are gone. Myrth then says the Elders are still unconvinced, even though 3 of 5 pieces are missing. Even Loren is exasperated, asking just how many tombs they must go through before the Elders believe.

Myrth points out tomb raiding is not unknown. Apolimesho says there is no arguing with elves; the only thing they can do is just visit all the tombs.

Crypt IV

The fourth crypt is directly south of the Truth Temple. It is the resting place of Fost's greaves.

Upon entering, the party is attacked by Zombies and Walking Dead. Victorious, they move back to where the Death Knight's greaves once rested. Dora asks if the leggings are gone, and Apolimesho confirms they are. Dora wishes the armor had been there, and Rei says the Elders' wish the same; the party must search the last crypt to be certain.

Crypt V

The fifth crypt is to the west of Chambara's Hut . It is the resting place of Fost's boots.

Entry brings an attack by Skeletons and a Necromancer. With their victory, the party move towards the rear and see the altar is empty.

Apolimesho says there is no way to ignore the proof now. Amukiki says they should have trusted the Archwizard from the start, but Rei sardonically begs his forgiveness for daring not to believe a human. Apolimesho asks Myrth if this is enough proof for the Elders. Myrth moves to answer, but is interrupted as the party is attacked by a Giant Skeleton and other undead. Myrth asks how this is possible for no man or elf is that large, but Apolimesho says it is within Fost's power.

Myrth's eyes lose their glow, and smiles, saying the Elders are finally convinced. The elves will make peace, as long as the humans stop attacking as well. Apolimesho then says a treaty must be formed, and Loren and Myrth agree.

The scene cuts back to Citadel where the forthcoming peace and alliance could be properly celebrated.

[edit] Citadel Festival

Elenor/Saren will interact with different party members here, depending on who they have spoken to in camp and who holds the highest affection for them.

At the end, the gate opens, and several dwarves enter. Out of breath, they mention Hammerhands is under siege by a demonic army. This news doesn't please Ramas nor Dora to say the least.

This serves as Loren's first test as she gathers her party and leads an army to liberate the dwarven city.

[edit] Saving Hammerhands

The party arrive at Hammerhands to find buildings in flames. Their first plan is to head straight to the Keep, as if it falls then the entire city is doomed. However, they are delayed by dwarven citizens appealing for aid to save their homes and families. The party quarrels over the best course of action, and in the end it's decided that Loren and Saren/Elenor will proceed to the Keep, while the others split up and attempt to help as many people as possible.

Ramas and Dora take charge, and each pick two other party members to accompany them as they run off in different directions. Dora is charged with defeating demons who have grown extra strong from raiding an alchemist's potion shop. Meanwhile, Ramas saves the wife of a miner who is still trapped in their home, with demons clawing at the door.

Loren and Saren/Elenor reach the Keep and find demons trying to swarm it, while the dwarves inside fight them off. They are occupied by battle until Ramas, Dora and the others rejoin them (and Loren takes a moment to acknowledge that she would not have been able to storm the Keep single-handed, as she initially wished to).

Loren draws her sword and identifies Khan the leader of the demons. The golem, in turn, recognises her, and issues a command to stop which makes all the demons freeze, creating an eerie silence. When addressed, Khan explains his reason for being there: "He said the sword keeper would show if we fought... We fought, and she showed." It becomes evident that he has no personal interest in the battle, and is only following orders to bait and eliminate Loren.

After being defeated by the party, Khan crumbles apart and the other demons scatter in fear. It's remarked that since the demons have attacked a neutral city, there is no way the Empire or elves will be able to blame each other, so it further emphasises the threat of Fost. The dwarves are grateful for the aid they received, and promise to join in further battle against the demons.

The party travels to Grimoire and shares their new knowledge with the Council, which agrees that this is good cause to make an alliance with the elves. Meanwhile, Karen authorises the party to use Amazonian griffins to travel around more quickly in future.

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