Loren Story: Chapter IV

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Chapter IV: March on Everburn


[edit] The First Battle

Loren, commanding the might of the combined armies, sets out for battle. Demons of every type have massed in huge numbers, causing chaos. Loren gives a rousing speech, holding the Hawk Blade/Ember Blade high so that all can see its light. Before reaching Everburn, they must first cleanse the lands in between of evil.

After battling several groups of demons, the survivors start to flee. Loren orders her troops to hold, and not chase them blindly. With the demon ranks broken, they can see the city of Hammerhands, which is likely overrun. Reclaiming the city will be their next move. The group wonders where Fost himself will be, and Myrth wishes her divination was stronger so that she could find out. Apolimesho offers to lend her his strength in cooperation.

Meanwhile, Fost glares down at the armies assembling beneath him. Jul then teleports into his chamber and collapses. He ignores her pleas, and instead calls for Grob. He claims that Grob is the only one he can rely on, and send him off on a new mission. Jul is left to fend for herself.

[edit] Taking Back Hammerhands/Defending the Citadel

Loren's army marches to Hammerhands. Though the dwarven city is ruined and occupied by demons, the central keep remains standing. Demons hurl magic at them from the city walls, but are no match for the human and elven archers. Loren's troops storm the city and begin hand-to-hand combat.

Glancing up, Loren is surprised to see griffons circling overhead. She calls Saren/Elenor to her, and they run to where the beasts have landed. The chief griffon rider was Breza, bearing news that the Citadel is also under attack, by Grob and his goblins. Loren is shocked, but cannot abandon her greater duty to defeat Fost. Karen steps forwards and says she will return to defend their home.

Saren/Elenor has the choice of either returning to defend the Citadel with Karen, or remaining with Loren to save Hammerhands (though note that in some scenarios the choice will be made automatically, e.g. if Elenor has romanced Karen then they will always return to the Citadel together).

Stay and fight:

Go to Citadel:

[edit] The Under-Realm

[edit] The Final Test

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