Loren the Amazon Princess

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[edit] The game

Loren is a visual novel/RPG hybrid with turn based combat. It follows the exploits of the titular character and her most loyal servant, as they work to gain allies and save Aravorn from a demon horde.

Loren is sold as a base game and an extension called The Castle of N'Mar, which added new party members and romance options, a series of side-quests involving new enemies, and alternate ways to defeat the final boss.

[edit] Story

Warning: Spoilers!

Main Quest:

Loren Story: Chapter I

Loren Story: Chapter II

Loren Story: Chapter III

Loren Story: Chapter IV

Camp Dialogues:

Loren Camp Dialogues

Side Quests:

Loren Sidequests: Personal Quests

Loren Sidequests: N'Mar Quests

Castle of N'Mar changes to the Main Quest:

N'Mar changes

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