Lydia Of Callahn

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Lydia Of Callahn.
Lydia Of Callahn
Lydia Of Callahn is the most famous of the Moon Elves.

Skilled alchemist, she took part in the Alchemy competition held in the human town of Grimoire in the year 671. Using her charm, one night in a tavern seduced the high guard Daronas who gave her access to the Wizards Guild and several recipes and ingredients stored within.

With her knowledge she managed to prepare a potion that cured permanently her condition as Moon Elf: she could stand the daylight like any other creature, and not suffer from it anymore.

She was going to win the Alchemy competition, when Daronas realized that he was being conned by her, he stepped forward and explained everything to the Council. Daronas was exiled in Ninim while Lydia wasn't disqualified, because Apolimesho admitted that even if she obtained the recipes and ingredients in an illegal way, her potion was still an exceptional achievement for any alchemist.

She was ranked 3rd, behind Apolimesho and Haros from the town of Icesilia. She now lead a normal life, exploring the world in search of new ingredients for her potions.

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