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Lysander Spiros

Name: Lysander Spiros

Hair: White

Eyes: Brown

Relationships: Kira (Daughter), Thalia (Daughter), Joanne (Daughter), Arianna (Wife)

Race Human


Lysander was the son of a reasonably well off farmer. He grew up strong and joined the town guards as soon as he could, desperate to be more than a farmer. It was while in town that he first set eyes upon Arianna while she was walking about town with a young Raul Capello. He was instantly attracted to her and started to find excuses to meet her as he patrolled the town.

Eventually he succeeded in winning her affections and they were married. They moved to a village a day’s journey from their old home to start a new life. He became the village’s militia captain while his wife became one of the village elders thanks to her myriad of talents.

Life was good until his wife was taken away and he was left with three daughters to take care of on his own. Injury robbed him of much of the feeling in his right arm and that made things an even greater struggle for him. Gone was much of his strength and almost all of his happiness. He became a lonely obstinate man obsessed with avenging his wife but at the same time trying to do his best to be a father to his children. Many mistakes were made on his dual path but he always tried his best despite his many afflictions. The struggle has caused him to age prematurely and many assume he is much older than he actually is.

Recently he has a spring in his step that had not been seen for some time. Most assume it is the return of his daughters that has enlivened him which is partially true but not the whole story.

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