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Magic pervades the whole of Aravorn and almost all races and kingdoms have created a means to control it, though only a small minority of the persons are able to wield magic.

There are multiple ways to manipulate magic. Some people are born with an innate skill to wield it. Some individuals are touched by other entities (such as deities or Demons) and bear their power as if it was their own. Finally, some may control magic by channeling it through various means. So called wizards tend to study tomes, while alchemists focus on the innate properties substances posses.

Magic is often expressed through the lens of the four natural elements: Air, Earth, Fire and Water. However, these aren't the only manifestations, as healing magic and domination magic attest.


[edit] Nature Magic

Nature Magic is magic associated with druids and most elven spellscasters. Differently from specific-element magic (like Fire Magic or Air Magic), Nature Magic comprehends a wide array of spells. From "Call Lightning" to "Summon Spirit Animal" to "Bramblecoat" and so on.

[edit] Life Magic

Life Magic is magic associated with light, righteousness, order. The favorite kind of magic of Clerics and Paladins of any order.

[edit] Dark/Death Magic

Dark Magic (also known as Death Magic is the manifestation of magic civilized society looks down upon. These include Witchcraft, Necromancy and Demonic Magic.

[edit] Rituals

Rituals are lengthy procedures which allow magic-users to summon great amounts of magic. Rituals tend to take a long time to enact, but the effects are long lasting, often permanent.

It is know the elves possess a Purification Ritual which can remove the taint of Dark Magic. In extreme cases, such as Demonbloods, it will slay the recipient outright.

[edit] Player Magic Classes

These are classes for the characters in the player's party as found in Loren The Amazon Princess. The class section may be redone as other games come out.

Primary Class

Secondary Classes

[edit] NPC Magic Classes

[edit] Schools of Magic

[edit] Prominent Magic-Users




Mother Morte


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