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Mary-Ann Folami

Name: Mary-Ann Folami

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Occupation Blacksmith

Race Human


When Mary-Ann was an infant, her grandparents and parents left the Broken Lands to settle in Ahkra. Her grandfather started a forge in service to Lord Raul’s father and soon her family began to prosper. That ended shortly after Raul came to power. Her grandfather had died by then and Raul had little interest in the services of Mary-Ann’s father. They were cast out of his castle and were left to man a forge in the city. Gone was the creation of unique weapons and armour, replaced by horseshoes and other simple things that any competent blacksmith could make.

Shortly before turning eighteen, Mary-Ann’s parents died and she found herself alone. She decided to take over the family forge and has served as the town blacksmith ever since. Mary-Ann is extremely gregarious and very good at her job also. She is very popular in Ahkra and she often likes to take advantage of that. Deep down, she yearns to do more than what she does now: however she understands that she cannot abandon her family’s legacy.

Mary-Ann is infamous for her sexual appetites and has had a string of female lovers. It is well known she has little interest in serious relationships but most of her former lovers say that blacksmithing is only one of her considerable talents…

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