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Mazxexl - Demon God of Frenzy

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The demons came at the gates and we smiled, for we had trapped the gates. Thin sharp blades, to cut and slice the enemy to ribbons. To drive into their flesh as they drove into our trap. And we heard the first furious cries and thought ourselves victorious. And then we heard the second cry. And the third. We heard then that they were not cries of pain. They were cries of primal fury and bloodlust. The demons threw themselves at our gates and were cut down, and yet they did not stop. Wave after wave, and they did not stop. Our blades grew dull, as did our hopes. When the gates fell, our men stood their ground in fear and hopelessness. They did not last the first push. Such is the frenzy of demons. Pray that you invoke it not.

Mazxexl (Mazj-ecks-l) is the demonic god of frenzy. He is depicted as a giant, boar-like creature on two legs with tusks all over his body. It is said that his mind has been shattered and he no longer consciously chooses those who would receive his boon. It is clear he is drawn to battles, and is far more likely to “bless” a demon with his power during a battle than other times. Those so touched become singular engines of destruction. They are untouched by pain, unslowed by damage, and unremorseful in their onslaught. They will strike friend or foe with equal glee. When one has been touched by Mazxexl, it is not uncommon for the other demons to ensure they are left alone with valid prey. The survival rate for demons taken by such frenzies is unsurprisingly low.

Some ancient tales state that Mazxexl was not always insane, but those tales are generally discounted. Some say that Morax has chained down Mazxexl, threatening to unleash him against the other gods if they interfere with her whims.

Mazxexl has some worhippers amongst those who wish for more strength in battle. Though berserkers of this kind are hardly ever sought after due to the volatile nature of their power. Sacrifices are rarely made in his name, it’s generally considered more effective to simply lose yourself in battle lust. Mazxexl will find you, if it is your time.

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