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Name: Mesphit

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Race: Dark Elf

Occupations/Titles: Rebel/Outcast

Class: Thief/Demonblood

Relationships: Tobaar (father)

Romanceable by: Elenor/Saren

[edit] Personality

There are two entities within Mesphit. One is the earnest young man, willing to do whatever it takes to aid his people. The other is the bloodthirsty, savage beast awakened when he made his deal with the Demon, Jul.

When Mesphit is calm, he remains in control. However, if he grows angry, or his safety is threatened, then his demon self may take control.

He feels disgust and remorse for many of the acts he commits as a demon, eventually leading him to believe he's better dead than alive.

[edit] History

Growing up in the Dark Elves Village, Mesphit felt resentful for his peoples' exile from the forest, and became determined to better their situation. He formed a group of outlaws, who committed crimes such as raiding wagons for food. However, his hunger for greater power led to the ill-fated deal with Jul, which he is now trapped by (and which the other dark elves seem largely ignorant of). Meanwhile, the elves of GrandTree have placed a bounty on his head, taken up by Rei.

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