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Moirgane Mercier

Name: Moirgane Mercier

Hair: Black

Eyes: Red

Occupation Waitstaff

Race Human


More commonly known as ‘Girl!’ or ‘Hey you!’, Moirgane is the long suffering waitress at the biggest tavern in Ahkra. She has been working there for several years now and knows practically everyone in town because of it. No one has a bad word to say about her and she is very popular with her often surly employer.

Moirgane can be a little awkward when around people she is not familiar with, but she tends to warm to people quickly. She has a reputation for being kind and accommodating, something she is quite proud of although it embarrasses her to be praised in front of others. Many do not realise it, but the waitress is actually extremely intelligent and particularly gifted when it comes to working with numbers. She does not keep this fact a secret, but it so rarely comes up in conversation at a tavern that many assume she works as a waitress because she was too stupid to do anything else.

With her life largely dedicated to working and helping her family, Moirgane has almost no experience in love. She is fairly sure that she is attracted to women, but outside of that she has done nothing about any desires she has ever had. To her, she cannot spare time to indulge in love while her family needs her help. Perhaps one day she might be able to find someone to love but for now work is what she needs to keep focused on.

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