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Name: Myrth

Hair: Red

Eyes: Blue

Race: Druid

Occupations/Titles: Elder Druid

Class: Mage/Druid

Relationships: Rei (adopted brother), Lasha (mother, deceased)

Romanceable by: Saren

[edit] Personality

Myrth is a kind individual who takes her position very seriously. She does posses strong antipathy to humans, but has no qualms with the Amazons

When faced with manifestations of Dark Magic, she becomes deadly serious. This fosters much of the ill will between herself and Chambara.

Myrth feels obligated to help others in need, even though this may ultimately be to her detriment.

Unless there are Demons present, or the ground is not appropriate, flowers sprout up wherever she walks. Additionally, the foliage she wears as clothing is actually grown from her own body. She claims to find ordinary clothes too restrictive.

Her status as Elder Druid means she is forbidden to fall in love. This is due to an incident long in the past, where a druid was tricked by a lover who brought harm to the forest. However, if Myrth is romanced then she will set duty aside and follow her heart.

[edit] History

Myrth was born in one of the rare "pure" druid lines, and her mother was the Elder Druid before her. She is more closely connected to the forest than any other druid because of this. Her pain is especially deep when the forest cries out, which it does whenever it feels threatened (for example, due to trees being felled, or the presence of demons).

Myrth appears rather young to hold the position of Elder Druid, but this isn't a true indication of her age.

Myrth is a conduit for the Weald, personified as the forest itself. She is master of Divination, and can act as a conduit for the whole Elven Council to see through her senses.

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