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Naxar is the God of Forgiveness and Humility.

Naxar embodies the concepts of Forgiveness and Humility, but is considered to be one of the most contradictive gods of the humans. He shares his power with those who want forgiveness or wish for the strength to forgive others, or to those who follow his example of living humbly. Naxar’s philosophy is: if one’s heart is open to change and remorse, he will grant said person a second chance, regardless of how despicable the person may have acted in the past. Of course, if he feels a person has not redeemed himself but has wasted his chance for forgiveness, Naxar will direct punishment accordingly.

Worshippers of Naxar offer him precious gems and other luxury items as tribute. Naxar promotes a humble lifestyle, believing that materialism corrupts the soul, so those who wish forgiveness offer all of their excess to him and live by taking only what they need. Because of this, Naxar’s temples and tombs are a favourite target among thieves.

Although many pray to Naxar asking for help, very few actually follow his mantra, thus few are blessed with his power. A strong majority of humans doubt Naxar’s existence. Noblemen ask for his blessing but refuse to give up their wealth so their requests go unfulfilled. Although the poor have no riches to give, many of them come to Naxar harboring hate in their hearts, so Naxar does not help them.

He is considered contradictory for all of these reasons, but mostly because of his methods of blessing. A man who forgives his wife’s murderer asks Naxar for a chance to see his wife again. Naxar grants his wish by killing him with a swift and painless death so he may be with his wife for eternity.

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