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Necromancers usually only animate the bodies of the dead, but are intimate with the Under-Realm and its dark magic.

Necromancers are at the most basic definition wielders of magic who specialize in necromancy. They aren't necessarily evil, but mucking around with bodies definitely means they have different priorities than regular society.

However, too many necromancers are members of the Cult of the Dead, which holds the dead in higher regard than the living.

The few good Necromancers are quick to point out that the power which can be used to raise the dead, can also be used to put them to rest. It isn't the magic itself, but the will behind it which makes the difference.

[edit] Necromancer Class

Necromancers are good all-around spellcasters, able to wield spells in Air, Earth, Fire, Water and Dark Magic circles.

Within your party, the offensive magic of Necromancers can include the following specializations:

  • Heat Blood (A fire based attack which may cause the Burned condition.)
  • Swamp (A water based attack which may cause the Frozen condition.)
  • Suffocate (An air based attack which may cause the Weakness condition.)
  • Death Trap (An earth based attack which may cause the Shattered condition.)
  • Soulrot (A deadly attack of Dark Magic which may cause the Poisoned condition.)

[edit] Prominent Necromancers


Mother Morte

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