Planes Of Existence

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In the game, there's the earth-like plane of existence, similar to a medieval age fantasy world, called Aravorn. There are though more Planes Of Existence:

  • Elysium - where the Light Gods live
  • Inferno - where the Dark Gods live
  • Blood Realm - a mirror-image world, but inhabitated only by Demons
  • Spirit World - this planar world is occupied by Animal Spirits: The Great Stag, The Great Bear, The Great Wolf, The Great Fox, and The Great Owl. There are also lesser spirits. The spirits can travel to the mortal world of Aravorn, and have shape-shifting skill, so they can seem human (or any other race).
  • Under-Realm - where common people who die go. Nobody can confirm its existence though. It could just be a popular tale/legend.
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